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Real Time Embedded Linux and Development Tools Technicals

Embedded Real Time Linux Training

Réf.Training sessionDetailsDaysWhenWherePrice
6130Real Time Embedded Linux 5 j. 09..13/02/09
1450 €

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Real Time Embedded Linux

Course Objectives

Present a solution for Embedded Systems Engeneers with industrial real time constraints like step motors, GSM phone stacks, bluetooth baseband stack or any hard real time application to run on a single processor:

  • Hard Real Time applications, with latency lower thanl'ordre 100µs driven by a OSEK® RTOS like Partikle, or RTEMS
  • and Linux with its large set of application and human interfaces libraries.

This training course for embedded real time Linux presents how to port Linux on a new target, the possibilities and limitations of the real time features of Linux 2.6 and focus on the following concepts:

  • Real Time virtualization with hypervisors like Xtratum, RTLinux, RTAI, Xenomai et VLX,
  • Real Time Partition inter connection between Partikle, RTEMS or RTLinux
    and with soft real time applications inside Linux.


Day 1

Presentation of the architecture

  • The tools, GCC compiler, binutils, Bootloader, hyperviseur, Linux, Partikle(OSEK).
  • Case study: Gathering the tools on a Linux workstation and use scratchbox and Qemu to test Linux, Xtratum, Partikle(OSEK).

Day 2

Embedded Linux

  • Build an Embedded Linux System, configure the kernel and the Root Filesystem
  • Case study: Building an Embedded Linux on a PC104 development board.

Day 3

Virtualization and partitioning

  • Different kind of interruption virtualization and partitioning between Linux and a RTOS like OSEK.
  • Case study: Configure tools and kernel for the different systems, Partikle(OSEK), the Xtratum hypervisor and Linux. Build the embedded image and download it on the target.

day 4

Inter partition Communication

  • Study of the inter partition communication. Synchonization mechanisms between partitions.
  • Case study: Write two little application communicating between a Partikle (OSEK) partition and a Linux partition.

Day 5


  • Incompatibilities with software and hardware, network access, the Partikle(OSEK) drivers.
  • Case study: Write a parallel port driver for Partikle.

Who Should Attend

Software engeneers and field engeneers who will be using or building embedded systems with Real Time capabilities and a complex human to machine or machine to machine interface.

Training session hardware

MNIS provides the following hardware for the Embedded Linux training session:

  • Laptop or Workstation runing linux Debian (RedHat or Fedora on demand(*)).
  • PC104 development board
  • Other target provided by the participant on demand (*).

(*) Any modification for the Linux distribution or the hardware for case study may modify the content of the training course.

Course description

  • Participants: The number of participants is limited to 8 per session.
  • Trainers: Our trainers are experienced engeneers in Real Time Systems with 10 years or more in creating Embedded Linux Systems.
  • Standard sessions: Take a look at our 2009 calendar.
  • Special sessions: We can organize for you on demand session on specific topics at your place.

Register for a training session

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