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Linux temps réel embarqué et outils de développements Technique

An OpenSource Company: OpenSource products

MNIS proposes services for developing acquisition systems and security systems based on OpenSource components.

We improove the OpenSource component when we thing it is needed to achieve our goals or the goals submitted by our clients.

OCERA Realtime operating system based on RTLinux-GPL to achieve industrial standard. It proposes: POSIX API, Quality Of Service scheduler, generic scheduler, CAN drivers, ORTE: an RTPS implementation and Fault Tolerance.
ONETD network access for RTLinux and RTAI: A BSD socket API for RTLinux, to enable RTLinux or RTAI to access the network with full Linux network stack feature, like pacquet filtering, wifi, firewire access and so on.
OSEC Enforcement of the RTLinux/Linux security with: application and module authentication for Linux and RTLinux. Flinux proposes a complete trust chain from the ROM, bootloader, system up to the applications. It proposes a specific PKI to manage the keys.

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