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Real Time Embedded Linux and Development Tools Technicals

We base all our service proposition on our experience on Networks, UNIX systems and Real Time systems

Industrial Real Time

We participate to the OCERA consortium and have privledge relations with the other particpant. Our work writing the support documentation and working at the integration of the OCERA components, give us a special knowledge of the integration of Hardware and other base components in the Linux and RTLinux kernels.

Our engagement in respect to the OCERA project is to disseminate our knowledge to European industries who want to acquire it to build hard real time embedded solutions.

Look at what the OCERA components may bring to you in term of Quality Of Service, Consolidation, Fault Tolerance, Communication.

Contact us at mnis@mnis.fr.


Through our experience with writing networks protocols (ISO-TP4, X25) and integration of Hardware, (Eternet cards, Multibus-II, X25 card, AD converter) we have the possibilty to help you with hardware integration for your network cards.

We can help you to integrate a secure network architecture with VPN, IPSEC or SSL, and Firewalls OpenSource technologies. Help you to configure your DNS or eMail architecture with secure Open Source components like djbdns, qmail, spamassassin anc clamav.

Contact us at mnis@mnis.fr.

Services for UNIX architectures

We propose our services for

  • System administration and network management.
  • Drivers and hardware integration
  • Performance and tuning

on the most famous UNIX architectures: SUN-OS and Solaris, HP-UX, AIX or System-V, and on OpenSource Unix like Linux and OpenBSD.

Contact us at mnis@mnis.fr.

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