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Real Time Embedded Linux and Development Tools Technicals

Working with European Universities
for technical knowhow transfer to the industry

OpenSource Solutions for embedded and hard realtime
OpenSource solutions for network security

Embedded Linux / BSP Port

Linux and RTLinux port to specific architectures. Linux and RTLinux application authentication.
Linux and RTLinux driver development. Porting of existing realtime applications to realtime Linux. Drivers and applications authentication for Linux and RTLinux with a specific PKI.

RT-Linux Training

Xtratum Hypervisor and Partikle RTOS with industrial real-time efficiency.
Xtratum hypervisor allows to run concurrently a Real Time OS like RTEMS or Partikle with full Real Time capabilities and Linux with all its Open Sources applications.
Technical support for system security with OpenBSD, Linux and RTLinux Ocera. Installation and configuration of redondant statfull firewalls, transparent firewalls, IPSEC VPN and PKI.
IPSEC and SSL VPN, firewalls, secure DNS and mail server.

OpenSource Security Training

Training on Embedded Linux based on Openmoko Neo FreeRunner development board. Including uBoot, Kernel and Drivers, graphical and sounds drivers and interfaces.
Case study, on site presentations and training, technology transfert.

Embedded Linux Training


  • November 2008: Embedded Linux training based on Openmoko Neo FreeRunner.
  • September 2008: Realtime Linux training based on Xtratum Hypervisor and Partikle RTOS.
  • July 2007: Partikle available from UPVLC at http://www.e-rtl.org/partikle/
  • march 2007: Xtratum available from UPVLC at http://www.xtratum.org
  • 25 mai 2005: Ocera: 1.1 ISO image available
  • 26 Aug. 2004: Ocera: 1.0 Debian packages
  • 10 April 2004: Ocera-1.0: first release of the OCERA components
  • 5 Avril 2004: LinCan-1.0, OCERA component for CAN/CANOpen access and control
  • 12 Mars 2004: ORTE-1.0, (OCERA Real Time Ethernet), first version of the RTPS, Real Time Publisher Subscriber, component.

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