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Real Time Embedded Linux and Development Tools Technicals


18 November 2008: Mnis distributes Neo Freerunner by Openmoko and annouce training on embedded Linux based on openmoko debug board.

16 June 2008: Record/Replay of deterministic shared memory access for multi-threaded application on zSeries.

8 January 2008: Record/Replay userland port to zSeries successfull.

2 July 2005: Announce of the Linux authentication addons we developped to authenticate a Linux application and/or a RTLinux application.

20 Mai 2005: We produced the first ISO image of OCERA-1.1 The ISO image is available for download.

25 Octobre 2004: Ocera Network Daemon,
The Onetd, Ocera Network Daemon, allows access from within RTLinux to the Linux TCP/IP stack, allowing network access to all RTLinux developments, including firewalling, wireless using all existing Linux network drivers.

3 Septembre 2004: OCERA Debian packages,
We have new Debian packages for Sarge and Woody. This simplify the installation process by clearly defining the dependencies.

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