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Real Time Embedded Linux and Development Tools Technicals

Training courses: Embedded Linux, Real Time Linux, Linux Kernel and OpenSource VPN

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Embedded Linux

Learn how to adapt uBoot and the Linux BSP to your own CPU cards. Learn to use scratchbox, qemu and gcc features to create your own embedded Linux system with busyBox.
Case study: a real phone, Neo FreeRunner,

Real Time Linux

Lear how to use Linux and a RTOS on the same processor and save a chip for your embedded Linux system. Run Real Time applications, phone GSM stacks, Bluetooth Baseband, robots, step motors
Presentation of real time hypervisors, POSIX real time programming

Linux Kernel

Lear the linux kernel driver development utilities and framework. Memory managment, scheduler policies, namespaces ... Know how to write a new driver for your own propriatary card, install a kernel, and make a Linux patch for the LKML.

Virtual Private Networks

Learn the basis of how to build a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and manage it. Use a PKI to generate and maintain certificates. Learn IPSEC internals try the Linux and OpenBSD VPN with Windows clients.
Case study: VPN with openBSD and Linux
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