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ttf-uralic Truetype fonts for Cyrillic-based Uralic languages
Installed size 1580
Maintainer Vladimir Shahov <mendoza@avb.bas-net.by>
Architecture all
Version 0.0.20040829-1
Depends defoma
Suggests xserver-xfree86 | xserver | xfs, x-ttcidfont-conf
File name pool/main/t/ttf-uralic/ttf-uralic_0.0.20040829-1_all.deb
Description The Uralic fonts contain additional letters used in most Uralic languages with Russian-based writing systems - Khanty (all dialects), Komi, Mansi (without marking long vowels), Mari, Nenets, Selkup and Udmurt. The fonts also support Altai, Chukchi, Even, Evenki, Koryak and Nanai. . Font list: * Bookman Uralic (regular, bold, italic) * Chancery Uralic - Decorative calligraphic font * Gothic Uralic (regular, bold) - Futura-like sans serif * Mono Uralic (regular) - Courier-like fixed width font * Palladio Uralic (regular, bold, italic) - Palatino-like typeface * Roman Uralic (regular, bold, italic) - Times-like typeface * Sans Uralic (regular, bold, italic, bold italic) - Helvetica-like sans serif typeface * Sans Condensed Uralic (regular, bold) - Narrow version of Sans Uralic * Schoolbook Uralic (regular, bold, italic) . These fonts cover ISO10646-1 and CP1251 charsets.

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