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ttf-arhangai A TrueType font with Mongolian Cyrillic letters
Installed size 152
Maintainer Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 20030401-2
Depends defoma, xutils (>= 4.0.2)
Suggests xserver-xfree86 | xfs (>= 4.0.2-1)
File name pool/main/f/font-arhangai/ttf-arhangai_20030401-2_all.deb
Description Arhangai is a Sans Serif font. It has no slanted nore bold variants. It supports the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet but can be used for all languages whose alphabet is a subset of the Mongolian alphabet (most notably Bulgarian and Russian). It can be useful also for ASCII languages such as English. . Please notice, that in place of Latin1 symbols this font contains Mongolian characters. You can not use this font if you need non-ASCII Latin characters.

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