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fluxbox Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager
Installed size 2340
Maintainer Matt Hope <dopey@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 0.9.14-1.2
Depends menu (>= 2.1.19), libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6), libfontconfig1 (>= 2.3.0), libgcc1 (>= 1
Suggests fluxconf, fbpager, fbdesk, xfonts-artwiz
File name pool/main/f/fluxbox/fluxbox_0.9.14-1.2_i386.deb
Description Fairly similar to blackbox, from which it is derived, but has been extended with features such as pwm-style window tabs, configurable key bindings, toolbar, and an iconbar. It also includes some cosmetic fixes over blackbox. . This package contains support for Gnome and KDE.

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