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elpoint Yet another presentation tool on Emacsen
Installed size 788
Maintainer OHASHI Akira <bg66@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.2.0-6
Depends emacs21 | emacs-snapshot, apel, ttf-kochi-gothic | ttf-kochi-gothic-naga10
Suggests w3m-el
File name pool/main/e/elpoint/elpoint_0.2.0-6_all.deb
Description Elpoint is a presentation tool which runs on Emacs. . Features . * Easy to create and display a presentation. * Dynamic presentation content can be developed using emacs lisp. * A major mode ept-mode is included which supports editing elpoint presentation. * Inline images. Images can be retrieved from Internet. * Create a presentation from outline-mode text.

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