Linux temps réel embarqué et outils de développements Technique

Section x11

915resolution resolution modification tool for Intel graphic chipset
9menu Creates X menus from the shell
9wm emulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8-1/2
aclock.app Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep
adesklets interactive Imlib2 console for the X Window System
aegis-virus-scanner A virus scanner for Linux/Unix systems
aewm a minimalist window manager for X11
aewm++ minimal window manager written in C++
aewm++-goodies utilities to complement a minimal window manager
afterstep window manager with the NEXTSTEP look and feel
agistudio IDE for creating early Sierra style AGI games
alevt X11 Teletext/Videotext browser
amaterus GTK+ based window manager
ami An X input method server for Korean text input
amsn An MSN messenger written in tcl
amule client for the eD2k and Kad networks, like eMule
amule-common common files for the rest of aMule packages
amule-daemon non-graphic version of aMule, a client for the eD2k and Kad networks
amule-utils utilities for aMule (command-line version)
amule-utils-gui graphic utilities for aMule
app-install-data Application Installer Data Files
asclassic X11 window manager, AfterStep Classic (forked from v1.1)
asclock A clock designed with the NeXTStep look
asclock-themes Theme files for ASclock, a clock applet
ascpu AfterStep look & feel CPU statistics monitor tool
asmem memory utilization monitor with AfterStep look & feel
asmix display a volume knob
asmon system resource monitor dockapp for Afterstep and WindowMaker
asmounter Mount point manager for AfterStep
aterm Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X window system
aterm-ml Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X window system
autodia generates UML diagrams from perl or C++ code
baobab graphical tool to analyse disk usage
batmon.app Battery monitor for GNUstep
bbappconf Configuration tool for Blackbox application windows
bbdate Date tool for the blackbox window manager
bbkeys A key-grabber for any NETWM/EMWH-compliant window manager
bbpager Pager for the Blackbox window manager
bbppp PPP tool for the blackbox window manager
bbrun An elegant tool for the Blackbox window manager that runs commands
bbsload System load tool for the blackbox window manager
bbtime Time tool for the blackbox/fluxbox window managers
bclock Bezier Clock
bdfresize Resize BDF Format Font
big-cursor larger mouse cursors for X
blackbox Window manager for X
blackbox-themes Themes for the Blackbox Windowmanager
boinc-manager GUI to control and monitor the BOINC core client
bookmarkbridge tool to synchronize bookmarks between browsers
bubblefishymon system load dockapp with a duck
buici-clock attractive desktop clock
cdcat media catalog program
chameleon Application for putting pictures or color in the root window
chameleon-cursor-theme a modern but not gaudy X11 mouse theme
charmap.app Character map for GNUstep
choosewm fake x-session-manager allowing the user to choose a wm
clipbook.app GNUstep Pasteboard Viewer
cmatrix-xfont X11 font for Console Matrix
comix GTK Comic Book Viewer
comixcursors X11 mouse theme with a comic feeling
compiz OpenGL window and compositing manager
compiz-core OpenGL window and compositing manager
compiz-dev OpenGL window and compositing manager - development files
compiz-gnome OpenGL window and compositing manager - GNOME window decorator
compiz-gtk OpenGL window and compositing manager - Gtk window decorator
compiz-plugins OpenGL window and compositing manager - plugins
cryptonit A client side PKI (X.509) cryptographic tool
crystalcursors X11 mouse theme with the crystal look&feel
ctwm Claude's Tab window manager
culmus Type1 Hebrew Fonts for X11
culmus-fancy Type1 Fancy Hebrew Fonts for X11
dasher A graphical predictive text input system
dasher-data Data files for dasher
dclock Digital clock for the X Window System with flexible display
desklaunch A small utility for creating desktop icons
deskmenu A root menu for X11 window managers
desktop-base common files for the Debian Desktop
desktop-profiles framework for setting up desktop profiles
dfm Desktop-File-Manager for X11
displaycalibrator.app Gamma calibration for GNUstep
docker System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications
driconf DRI configuration applet
dwm dynamic window manager
dwm-tools dynamic window manager (tools)
dxpc a differential X protocol compressor
e16keyedit a keybinding editor for the enlightenment window manager
e16menuedit A graphical menu editor for enlightenment
e16menuedit2 A graphical menu editor for enlightenment
effectv real-time video effect processor
electricsheep screensaver showing collective dream of sleeping computers
elpoint Yet another presentation tool on Emacsen
emacs-intl-fonts Fonts to allow multi-lingual PostScript printing from Emacs
enlightenment The Enlightenment Window Manager
enlightenment-data Enlightenment Window Manager Run Time Data Files
enlightenment-theme-bluesteel Hunchback's BlueSteel theme for E
enlightenment-theme-brushedmetal Tigert's BrushedMEtal-Tigert E theme
enlightenment-theme-ganymede cK's Ganymede theme for E
enlightenment-theme-shinymetal Raster's ShinyMetal Theme for E
epplets The Epplets for the Enlightenment Window Manager
esvn frontend for the Subversion revision system written in Qt
esvn-doc documentation for esvn
eterm Enlightened Terminal Emulator
eterm-themes Themes for Eterm, the Enlightened Terminal Emulator
evilwm a minimalist window manager for X11
ewipe Yet another presentation tool based on Tcl/Tk
fbdesk desktop icons for fluxbox window manager
fbpager a pager application for the Fluxbox window manager
fbpanel A lightweight X11 desktop panel
festival-te This package provides the modules required to synthesize speech
festvox-te-nsk This is Telugu male speaker for Festival
floatbg slowly modify the color of the X root window
fluxbox Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager
fluxconf FluxBox configuration utility
flwm Fast Light Window Manager
fontforge Font Editor for PS, TrueType and OpenType fonts
fontforge-doc Documentation for FontForge
fookb-plainx An Xkb state indicator -- plain X version.
fookb-wmaker An Xkb state indicator -- WindowMaker version.
freej Digital instrument for video liveset
fspanel minimalist panel for X
fsviewer A NeXT FileViewer lookalike
fsviewer-icons Icons for fsviewer to make it look more like the NeXT FileViewer.
fvwm F(?) Virtual Window Manager, version 2.5
fvwm-gnome F(?) Virtual Window Manager, version 2.5
fvwm-icons XPMs icons from fvwm development site
fvwm1 Old version of the F(?) Virtual Window Manager
gbdfed X11 font editor
gcstar An application for managing your movie collection
gdeskcal A desktop calendar featuring transparency with smooth alpha-blending
gdesklets-data Applets for gdesklets
gentoo a fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager
giftui Graphical user interface to giFT using GTK+2
gjiten Japanese dictionary for GNOME
gkrellkam GKrellM plugin that displays a periodically updating image
gkrellm The GNU Krell Monitors
gkrellm-alltraxclock analog clock plugin for GKrellM
gkrellm-bfm system load plugin for gkrellm with a duck
gkrellm-hdplop A hard drive activity monitor GKrellM plugin
gkrellm-i8k Dell Inspiron and Latitude module for GKrellM2 (i8krellm)
gkrellm-ibam Advanced battery monitor for laptops - gkrellm plugin
gkrellm-leds Keyboard LED monitor for GKrellM
gkrellm-mldonkey mldonkey plugin for gkrellm2
gkrellm-reminder useful reminder plugin for gkrellm
gkrellm-x86info gkrellm plugin displaying the current processor speed
gkrellmd The GNU Krell Monitors Server
gkrellmitime Internet time plugin for gkrellm
gkrellmoon Gkrellm Moon Clock Plugin
gkrellmwho2 who plugin for gkrellm2
gkrellmwireless 802.11 wireless link monitor plugin for GKrellM
gkrellongrun LongRun plug-in for GKrellM
gkrellshoot Plugin for gkrellm to lock the screen and make screenshots
gkrellweather A weather monitor plugin for GKrellM
glcpu 3D-plotter for system activity
glurp gtk2.4+ frontend to the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
gmrun Featureful CLI-like GTK+ application launcher
gngb GameBoy Emulator
gnomad2 Manage a Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox
gnome-mag a screen magnifier for the GNOME desktop
gnopernicus Screen reader for GNOME 2
gnustep The GNUstep Development Environment -- user applications
gnustep-core The GNUstep Development Environment -- core
gnustep-core-devel The GNUstep Development Environment -- core development
gnustep-core-doc The GNUstep Development Environment -- core documentation
gnustep-devel The GNUstep Development Environment -- development tools
gnustep-games The GNUstep Development Environment -- games
gnustep-icons Several free icons for use with GNUstep and others
gnuwash.app Configurable timer with alarm for GNUstep
gpe-contacts contact manager for GPE
gpe-edit GPE Palmtop Environment text editor
gpe-icons Common icons used by GPE programs
grabc identifies an onscreen colour using a crosshair cursor
grdesktop GNOME frontend for the rdesktop client
grisbi Personal finance management program
gromit GTK based tool to make annotations on screen
grsync GTK+ frontend for rsync
grun GTK based Run dialog
gsetroot a C/Gtk-based front-end for Esetroot
gsfonts-x11 Make Ghostscript fonts available to X11
gtamsanalyzer.app Qualitative Research Software for the Free World for GNUstep
gtk-engines-begtk BeOS-like theme for GTK+
gtk-engines-eazel The Eazel GTK+ theme engine, including the Crux theme
gtk-engines-geramik Geramik GTK1.x Theme
gtk-engines-geramik-data Geramik GTK Theme bitmaps
gtk-engines-lighthouseblue LighthouseBlue theme for GTK+ 1.2
gtk-engines-metal Metallic theme for GTK+ 1.2
gtk-engines-mist A flat theme for GTK+ 1.2
gtk-engines-notif Motif-like theme for GTK+ 1.2
gtk-engines-pixmap Pixmap-based theme for GTK+ 1.2
gtk-engines-qtpixmap QtPixmap GTK1.x theming engine
gtk-engines-raleigh GTK+ 2.0-like theme for GTK+ 1.2
gtk-engines-redmond95 Windows-like theme for GTK+ 1.2
gtk-engines-thingeramik ThinGeramik GTK1.x Theme
gtk-engines-thingeramik-data ThinGeramik GTK Theme bitmaps
gtk-engines-thinice ThinIce theme for GTK+ 1.2
gtk-engines-xenophilia Customisable GTK+ engine with a plain look
gtk-smooth-themes A set of themes for the Smooth GTK+ Engine
gtk-theme-switch GTK+ theme switching utility
gtk2-engines-wonderland Wonderland theme for GTK+ 2.0
gtk2-engines-xfce A GTK+-2.0 theme engine for Xfce
gtk2.0-examples Examples files for the GTK+ 2.0
gtkatlantic Game like Monopoly
gtkcookie Editor for cookie files
gtkeyboard A highly-configurable on-screen keyboard for mouse-typing
gtkfontsel gtk+ font selection utility
gtkguitune Guitar and other instruments tuner
gtklp printing tool for CUPS on the GNOME Desktop
gtkpbbuttons-common GTK client for pbbuttonsd -- themes and other common data
gtodo GNOME to-do list manager
gucharmap Unicode character picker and font browser
gvidm quickly and easily change video resolutions in X
gwaterfall View all characters of font in all sizes
gworkspace-apps-wrappers Application wrappers for GWorkspace
gworkspace.app GNUstep Workspace Manager
habak utility for creating multi-layered backgrounds in X11
hanterm-xf X terminal emulator with Hangul support
hotkeys A hotkeys daemon for your Internet/multimedia keyboard in X
hsetroot tool for compose root-pixmaps for X11
iceconf Configuration tool for icewm
icemc Editor for IceWM menus
icewm wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window manager
icewm-common wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window manager
icewm-experimental wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window manager
icewm-lite wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window manager
icewm-themes Theme files for the Ice Window Manager
icon-naming-utils script for maintaining backwards compatibility of Tango Project
idesk Program to show icons on the desktop
im-switch Input method switch framework
imwheel program to support non-standard buttons on new mice
innerspace.app Screensaver for GNUstep
ion2 Keyboard-friendly window manager with tiled windows (v2)
isdnutils-xtools ISDN utilities that use X
italc-client Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers
italc-master Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers
joy2key Translate joystick movements into equivalent keystrokes
jscalibrator GTK Joystick Calibrator
jwm Very small lightweight pure X11 window manager with tray and menus
kanjipad handwriting recognition tool for Kanji
kasumi Simple dictionary utility for Anthy
kbarcode barcode and label printing application for KDE
keylaunch A small utility for binding commands to a hot key
kinput2-canna An input server for X11 applications that want Japanese text input
kinput2-canna-wnn An input server for X11 applications that want Japanese text input
kinput2-common Files shared among kinput2 packages
kinput2-wnn An input server for X11 applications that want Japanese text input
klineakconfig KDE configurator for lineakd
kshutdown an advanced shut down utility for KDE
kst A KDE application used for displaying scientific data
kst-bin A KDE application used for displaying scientific data
kterm Multi-lingual terminal emulator for X
kxdocker innovative docker for KDE that is like Mac OSX Docker
kxdocker-data resource files for kxdocker
larswm Lars Window Manager with tiled windows
latex.service LaTeX service for GNUstep
lesstif-bin user binaries for LessTif
libfontenc-dev X11 font encoding library (development headers)
libfontenc1 X11 font encoding library
libfontenc1-dbg X11 font encoding library (debug package)
libggiwmh0-target-x GGI Window Manager Hints extension X display target
libgnomecanvas2-common A powerful object-oriented display - common files
libvncserver-dev easy API to write one's own VNC server
libx11-data X11 client-side library
libxaw-headers X11 Athena Widget library (development headers)
libxfont-dev X11 font rasterisation library (development headers)
libxfont1 X11 font rasterisation library
libxfont1-dbg X11 font rasterisation library (debug package)
libxfontcache-dev X-TrueType font cache extension client library (development headers)
libxfontcache1 X-TrueType font cache extension client library
libxmu-headers X11 miscellaneous utility library headers
lineak-defaultplugin LinEAK default plugin
lineak-kdeplugins LinEAK KDE plugins
lineak-xosdplugin LinEAK On-Screen Display plugin
lineakd Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards
lingot accurate and easy to use musical instrument tuner
linhdd GTK frontend for cfdisk/df/hdparm/mkfs
linux-libertine The Linux Libertine family of free fonts
linuxvnc VNC server to monitor a tty
lm-batmon A Cute and Cuddly APM Battery Monitor
lusernet.app News Reader for GNUstep
lwm Lightweight Window Manager
lynkeos.app Tool to process planetary astronomical images for GNUstep
mesa-utils Miscellaneous Mesa GL utilities
metacity A lightweight GTK2 based Window Manager
metacity-themes Themes for the Gtk2 metacity window manager
mgp MagicPoint- an X11 based presentation tool
mlterm MultiLingual TERMinal
mlterm-common MultiLingual TERMinal, common files
mlterm-im-m17nlib MultiLingual TERMinal, m17nlib input method plugin
mlterm-im-scim MultiLingual TERMinal, scim input method plugin
mlterm-im-uim MultiLingual TERMinal, uim input method plugin
mlterm-tiny MultiLingual TERMinal, tiny version
mlterm-tools MultiLingual TERMinal, additional tools
mountapp Tool to (un)mount devices, dockable in WM-like window managers
mpeg2dec Simple libmpeg2 video decoder application
mrxvt lightweight multi-tabbed X terminal emulator
mrxvt-cjk lightweight multi-tabbed X terminal emulator
mrxvt-common lightweight multi-tabbed X terminal emulator
mrxvt-mini lightweight multi-tabbed X terminal emulator
multi-aterm tabbed terminal emulator with efficent pseudo transparency
nabi A Korean X input method server plus imhangul status monitor
nawm Non-windowmanager with windowmanager functionality
netdude NETwork DUmp data Displayer and Editor for tcpdump trace files
notebook-gtk2 A GTK+ logbook editor
notification-daemon a daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications
numlockx enable NumLock in X11 sessions
nvclock Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux
nvclock-gtk Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux
nvclock-qt Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux
nvidia-xconfig The NVIDIA X Configuration Tool
obconf Preferences manager for Openbox window manager
odot task list manager written in Gtk2-Perl
olvwm OpenLook virtual window manager
olwm Open Look Window Manager
openbox standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager
openbox-themes Themes for the Openbox window manager
orage Calendar for Xfce Desktop Environment
oroborus A lightweight themeable windowmanager for X
osdsh Overlays your screen with various system information
pcf2bdf convert X11 font from PCF to BDF format
pclock Clock Dock app for Window Maker window manager
pcmanx-gtk2 user-friendly telnet client mainly targets BBS users
pekwm Fast & Light WindowManager
perlpanel lean menu and launcher panel written in Perl and Gtk2
pia movie player
polymer Port of the KDE style "Plastik" depending on Qt only
preferences.app GNUstep Preferences application
pspresent fullscreen PostScript presentation tool
pterm PuTTY terminal emulator
pwm Lightweight window manager with frames
pyntor flexible and componentized presentation program
pypanel lightweight panel/taskbar for X11 window managers
qbrew Homebrewer's recipe calculator (uses Qt)
qgit Qt application for viewing GIT trees
qps Visual process status monitor
qsynaptics Synaptic TouchPad configuration tool
qt3-assistant The Qt3 assistant application
qt3-qtconfig The Qt3 Configuration Application
qt4-qtconfig Qt 4 configuration tool
qterm BBS client for X Window System written in Qt
qvwm Windows95-like window manager for X Window System
rapidsvn A GUI client for subversion
ratmenu Creates X menus from the shell
ratpoison keyboard-only window manager
rdesktop RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server
redet regular expression development and execution tool
rhinote virtual sticky-notes for your desktop
rigel a personal information manager for X
root-tail Displays select log files in the X root window
rox-filer A simple graphical file manager for X11
rss-glx Really Slick Screensavers GLX Port
rxvt VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System
rxvt-beta VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System
rxvt-ml multi-lingual VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System
rxvt-unicode RXVT-like terminal emulator with Unicode support
rxvt-unicode-lite RXVT-like terminal emulator with basic Unicode support
rxvt-unicode-ml multi-lingual terminal emulator with Unicode support for X11
sapphire A minimal but configurable X11R6 window manager
sawfish a window manager for X11
sawfish-data sawfish architecture independent data
sawfish-lisp-source sawfish lisp files
sawfish-merlin-ugliness More flexible functions for sawfish
sawfish-pager A pager for the Sawfish window manager
sawfish-themes Themes for the Sawfish window manager
sawfish-xmms sawfish bindings for XMMS
scripts4ticker Small scripts to download headlines for use by ticker.app
sdm Secure Display Manager - secure remote access to X11
sdm-terminal Secure Display Manager - terminal files
sjog A program to use the "Jog Dial" on Sony Vaio Laptops
skkinput X input method for Japanese with SKK conversion
ssh-askpass-fullscreen Under Gnome2, asks user for a passphrase for ssh-add
stopmotion program for creating stop motion animations
strigi-client Qt4 client for Strigi Desktop Search
sumika A management utility for dictionaries for input methods
sunclock fancy clock showing time and geographical data
sunclock-maps sunclock vector graphic maps
swisswatch Swiss Railway Clock for the X Window System
t1-cyrillic A basic set of free PostScript fonts
t1-teams Teams -- a PostScript font covering ASCII and basic Cyrillic
t1-thai-tlwg Thai fonts in Type1 format
telak display remote or local pictures on your desktop
teleport moves running applications between displays
terminal.app a Terminal Emulator for GNUstep
thunar File Manager for Xfce
thunar-archive-plugin Archive plugin for Thunar file manager
thunar-media-tags-plugin Media tags plugin for Thunar file manager
ticker.app A ticker designed for the windowmaker dock
tightvncserver virtual network computing server software
tilda terminal with first person shooter console likeness
timemon.app CPU time usage monitor for GNUstep
tinyerp-client Enterprise Resource Management software (client)
tinywm tiny window manager
tkdesk Tk/tcl based X11 Desktop/File manager
tkfont A different xfontsel for displaying fonts
tkvnc Displays a list of (defined) machines to start VNC to
tleenx2 tlen.pl instant messenger client
trayer lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop
ttf-alee A Lee's free Hangul truetype fonts
ttf-arabeyes Arabeyes GPL TrueType Arabic fonts
ttf-arhangai A TrueType font with Mongolian Cyrillic letters
ttf-arphic-bkai00mp "AR PL KaitiM Big5" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
ttf-arphic-bsmi00lp "AR PL Mingti2L Big5" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
ttf-arphic-gbsn00lp "AR PL SungtiL GB" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
ttf-arphic-gkai00mp "AR PL KaitiM GB" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
ttf-arphic-ukai "AR PL ZenKai Uni" Chinese Unicode TrueType font Kaiti style
ttf-arphic-uming "AR PL ShanHeiSun Uni" Chinese Unicode TrueType font Mingti style
ttf-baekmuk Baekmuk series TrueType fonts
ttf-bengali-fonts Free TrueType fonts for the Bengali language
ttf-bitstream-vera The Bitstream Vera family of free TrueType fonts
ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts BPG Georgian fonts
ttf-dejavu Vera font family derivate with additional characters
ttf-devanagari-fonts Free TrueType fonts for languages using the Devanagari script
ttf-dustin Various TrueType fonts from dustismo.com
ttf-dzongkha TrueType fonts for Dzongkha language
ttf-f500 Wipeout 3 Font
ttf-farsiweb FarsiWeb free TrueType Farsi fonts
ttf-freefont Freefont Serif, Sans and Mono Truetype fonts
ttf-gentium Gentium TrueType font
ttf-georgewilliams Free unicode TrueType fonts by George Williams
ttf-gujarati-fonts Free TrueType fonts for the Gujarati language
ttf-indic-fonts Metapackage for free Indian language fonts
ttf-isabella The Isabella free TrueType font
ttf-junicode a Unicode font for medievalists (Latin, IPA and Runic)
ttf-kacst KACST free TrueType Arabic fonts
ttf-kannada-fonts Free TrueType fonts for the Kannada language
ttf-khmeros KhmerOS Unicode fonts for the Khmer language of Cambodia
ttf-kochi-gothic Kochi Subst Gothic Japanese TrueType font without naga10
ttf-kochi-mincho Kochi Subst Mincho Japanese TrueType font without naga10
ttf-lao TrueType font for Lao language
ttf-malayalam-fonts Free TrueType fonts for the Malayalam language
ttf-mgopen Magenta Open Truetype fonts
ttf-mph-2b-damase font with ranges from the latest version of unicode
ttf-nafees nafees free OpenType Urdu fonts
ttf-opensymbol The OpenSymbol TrueType font
ttf-oriya-fonts Free TrueType fonts for the Oriya language
ttf-paktype PakType free OpenType Urdu fonts
ttf-punjabi-fonts Free TrueType fonts for the Punjabi language
ttf-sazanami-gothic Sazanami Gothic Japanese TrueType font
ttf-sazanami-mincho Sazanami Mincho Japanese TrueType font
ttf-sil-abyssinica smart Unicode font for the Ethiopic script (Amharic)
ttf-sil-charis smart Unicode font family for Roman or Cyrillic-based writing systems
ttf-sil-doulos smart Unicode font for Latin and Cyrillic scripts
ttf-sjfonts Some Juicy Fonts handwriting fonts
ttf-staypuft The Stay-Puft free TrueType font
ttf-summersby Free TrueType typeface font
ttf-tamil-fonts Free TrueType fonts for the Tamil language
ttf-telugu-fonts Free TrueType fonts for the Telugu language
ttf-thai-tlwg Thai fonts in TrueType format
ttf-thryomanes A Unicode font covering Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and IPA
ttf-tmuni font for Tibetan, Dzongkha and Ladakhi (OpenType Unicode)
ttf-unfonts Un series Korean TrueType fonts
ttf-uralic Truetype fonts for Cyrillic-based Uralic languages
ttf-vlgothic Japanese TrueType font from Vine Linux
ttmkfdir Utility used to create fonts.scale files for TrueType fonts
tuxeyes a fancy version of xeyes
tv-fonts X11 fonts for TV applications
tvtime A high quality television application
twm Tab window manager
ude The Unix Desktop Environment
uim-gtk2.0 GTK+2.x immodule for uim
uim-qt Qt 4.x immodule for uim
uim-xim A bridge between uim and XIM
unclutter hides the cursor in X after a period of inactivity
unifont X11 dual-width GNU Unicode font
unixodbc-bin Graphical tools for ODBC management and browsing
usbview USB device viewer
uwm The ultimate window manager for UDE
varkon A CAD-system with parametric modelling
varkon-programmer-manual Programmer manual for VARKONs mbs language
varkon-user-manual User manual for VARKON
vat LBNL audio conferencing tool over the internet.
vdesk manages virtual desktops for minimal window managers
videogen Create arbitrary-res modelines using hardware parameters
viewglob A graphical display of directories referenced at the shell prompt
vnc-common Virtual network computing server software
vnc4-common Virtual network computing server software
vnc4server Virtual network computing server software
vncommand VNC server which monitors a specified program
vncserver Virtual network computing server software
vncsnapshot A utility that takes JPEG snapshots from VNC servers
volume.app A dockapp enabling easy control of the volume level
vtwm Virtual Tab Window Manager
w9wm Enhanced window manager based on 9wm
waimea A highly customizable window manager based on blackbox
wayv Experimental hand writing/gesture recognition program
wdm WINGs Display Manager - an xdm replacement with a WindowMaker look
windowlab Small and simple Amiga-like window manager
wininfo displays information about X windows under the mouse cursor
wm2 small, unconfigurable window manager
wmacpi An ACPI battery monitor for WindowMaker
wmail WindowMaker docklet watching your inbox
wmaker NeXTSTEP-like window manager for X
wmaker-data Several free icons for use with WindowMaker and others.
wmakerconf GTK+ based configuration tool for Window Maker
wmakerconf-data Data files for wmakerconf, a configuration tool for Window Maker
wmanager Select a window manager at X startup
wmavgload small NeXTStep-like system load average monitor
wmbattery display laptop battery info, dockable in WindowMaker
wmbiff A dockable app that displays information about mailboxes
wmbinclock A binary clock applet for Window Maker
wmblob blobs in a dockapp
wmbubble A system-load meter for Window Maker that features a duck
wmbutton dockapp displaying nine configurable buttons
wmcalc Dockable calculator application
wmcalclock A dock.app which simply tells time and date
wmcb Dockapp that displays the cut buffer content
wmcliphist Dockapp which provides a history for X11 selections
wmclock A dockable clock applet for Window Maker
wmclockmon Displays a clock in 12/24h mode with alarm mode
wmcoincoin Humourous dockapp for browsing DaCode sites' news and board
wmcpu Window Maker docking app similar to xosview
wmcpuload Dockapp that displays the current CPU usage
wmctrl control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager
wmcube Spinning 3D object that shows the current CPU load
wmdate Calendar for window manager docking bars
wmdiskmon dockapp to display disk usage
wmdrawer a button launcher
wmfire very cool fiery way of showing your CPU usage
wmfishtime Dockable clock app for WMaker, BlackBox, E, SawFish etc
wmforkplop monitors forking activity and displays top CPU consuming processes
wmget Background download manager in a Window Maker dock app
wmgrabimage maintains a small thumbnail image from the WWW
wmhdplop A hard drive activity monitor dockapp
wmibam dockapp to monitor the apm status using ibam
wmifinfo Dockapp that shows information for all interfaces
wmifs WindowMaker dock app for monitoring network traffic
wmii lightweight tabbed and tiled X11 window manager, version 3
wmii2 lightweight tabbed and tiled X11 window manager, version 2
wmitime yet another clock dock app for Window Maker
wmix Dockapp mixer for OSS
wmload system load monitor designed for Window Maker
wmlongrun A program to monitor longrun status
wmmaiload dockapp to monitor mails in one or more mail boxes
wmmatrix View The Matrix in a Window Maker dock application
wmmemload WindowMaker dock app to monitor memory and swap usage
wmmemmon A dockapp to monitor memory/swap usages
wmmisc Dock app that monitors your system
wmmixer A mixer application designed for WindowMaker
wmmon Window Maker dockapp for monitoring system information
wmmoonclock WindowMaker moon phase dockapp
wmnet Network monitor for WindowMaker
wmnetmon dockapp for monitoring services on up to 40 hosts
wmnetselect Enhanced Netscape launch button designed for WindowMaker
wmnut WindowMaker dock app that displays UPS statistics from NUT's upsd
wmpinboard Window Maker dock applet resembling a miniature pinboard
wmressel Dock app to change X11 resolutions
wmsensors WindowMaker dock applet for lmsensors
wmshutdown Allow you to shutdown or reboot your machine
wmsmpmon A CPU monitoring dockapp for SMP systems
wmspaceweather WindowMaker dock app that shows the "weather" in space
wmsun Dockable WindowMaker SunRise/SunSet App
wmsysmon WindowMaker dock-app for monitoring your system
wmtemp WM dock applet displaying lm_sensors temperature values
wmtime Window Maker dockapp that displays the time and date
wmtimer A dockable alarm clock for WindowMaker
wmtop Dockapp that displays 3 top memory or CPU using processes
wmtv Dockable video4linux TV player for WindowMaker
wmtz WindowMaker dock app that displays the time in different zones
wmwave Monitor status of an 802.11 wireless ethernet link
wmweather WindowMaker dockapp that shows your current weather
wmweather+ WindowMaker dock app that shows your current weather
wmwork Keep track of time worked on projects
wmx10 Control X10 home automation modules via a firecracker CM-17A X10 serial dongle
wmxres dock application to select your display mode among those possible
worker highly configurable two-paned file manager for X
wrapperfactory.app Application wrappers configuration tool for GNUstep
wterm lightweight terminal emulator for X
wterm-ml lightweight multilingual terminal emulator for X
x-ttcidfont-conf Configure TrueType and CID fonts for X
x-window-system transitional package for Debian etch
x-window-system-core transitional package for Debian etch
x11-common X Window System (X.Org) infrastructure
x11proto-bigreqs-dev X11 Big Requests extension wire protocol
x11proto-composite-dev X11 Composite extension wire protocol
x11proto-core-dev X11 core wire protocol and auxiliary headers
x11proto-damage-dev X11 Damage extension wire protocol
x11proto-dmx-dev X11 Distributed Multihead X extension wire protocol
x11proto-evie-dev X11 Event Interception extension wire protocol
x11proto-fixes-dev X11 Fixes extension wire protocol
x11proto-fontcache-dev X11 font cache extension wire protocol
x11proto-fonts-dev X11 font extension wire protocol
x11proto-gl-dev X11 OpenGL extension wire protocol
x11proto-input-dev X11 Input extension wire protocol
x11proto-kb-dev X11 XKB extension wire protocol
x11proto-print-dev X11 Printing extension (Xprint) wire protocol
x11proto-randr-dev X11 RandR extension wire protocol
x11proto-record-dev X11 Record extension wire protocol
x11proto-render-dev X11 Render extension wire protocol
x11proto-resource-dev X11 Resource extension wire protocol
x11proto-scrnsaver-dev X11 Screen Saver extension wire protocol
x11proto-trap-dev X11 Trap extension wire protocol
x11proto-video-dev X11 Video extension wire protocol
x11proto-xcmisc-dev X11 XC-Miscellaneous extension wire protocol
x11proto-xext-dev X11 various extension wire protocol
x11proto-xf86bigfont-dev X11 Big Fonts extension wire protocol
x11proto-xf86dga-dev X11 Direct Graphics Access extension wire protocol
x11proto-xf86dri-dev X11 DRI extension wire protocol
x11proto-xf86misc-dev X11 XFree86-Miscellaneous extension wire protocol
x11proto-xf86vidmode-dev X11 Video Mode extension wire protocol
x11proto-xinerama-dev X11 Xinerama extension wire protocol
x11vnc VNC server which uses your current X11 session
x2vnc A dual-screen hack - link an MS-Windows and X display
x2x Link two X displays together, simulating a multiheaded display
xapm X program to monitor APM battery status
xarchive GTK frontend for most used compression tools
xarchiver GTK frontend for most used compression formats
xarclock reversed xclock
xautolock Program launcher for idle X sessions
xautomation Control X from the command line, and find things on the screen
xaw3dg Xaw3d widget set
xawtv X11 TV application
xbanner Beautify your X login screen
xbase-clients miscellaneous X clients
xbatt Display battery status
xbattbar Display battery status in X11
xbindkeys Associate a combination of keys or mouse buttons with a shell command
xbindkeys-config An easy to use gtk program for configuring Xbindkeys.
xbitmaps Base X bitmaps
xcalendar-i18n calendar program on X with i18n support
xcb Pigeon holes for your cut and paste selections
libxfont-dev X11 font rasterisation library (development headers)
libxfont1 X11 font rasterisation library
libxfont1-dbg X11 font rasterisation library (debug package)
qt3-assistant The Qt3 assistant application
qt3-qtconfig The Qt3 Configuration Application
qt4-qtconfig Qt 4 configuration tool
rdesktop RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server
ttf-opensymbol The OpenSymbol TrueType font
xdmx Distributed Multihead X server
xdmx-tools Distributed Multihead X tools
xfce4-terminal Xfce terminal emulator
xfs X font server
xnest Nested X server
xserver-xephyr Next Generation Nested X Server
xserver-xorg-core X.Org X server -- core server
xserver-xorg-dev X.Org X server -- development files
xvfb Virtual Framebuffer 'fake' X server

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