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trscripts Scripts for reencoding text files and BDF-fonts
Installed size 1840
Maintainer Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.14
Depends libc6 (>= 2.3.1-1), perl5, groff (>= 1.17.1-1), debianutils (>= 1.6)
Suggests phylip, treetool
File name pool/main/t/trscripts/trscripts_1.14_all.deb
Description The script `trbdf' can convert a BDF font from one codeset to another. . The script `trcs' reencodes text files from one codeset to another. It can generate scripts for `tr'. For example the command trcs --from cp1252 --to latin1 --gen-script gives you the following output: #!/bin/sh . trap "exit 0" PIPE . cat "$@" | tr \ '\200''\201''\202''\203''\204''\205''\206''\207''\210''\211''\212'\ '\213''\214''\215''\216''\217''\220''\221''\222''\223''\224''\225'\ '\226''\227''\230''\231''\232''\233''\234''\235''\236''\237' \ '\105''\77''\47''\146''\42''\267''\53''\77''\136''\77''\123'\ '\253''\117''\77''\132''\77''\77''\47''\47''\42''\42''\267'\ '\-''\-''\176''\77''\163''\273''\157''\77''\172''\131' . Both scripts try to approximate the missing from the target codeset symbols. . It is easy to add support of other character sets.

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