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tinyca simple graphical program for certification authority management
Installed size 724
Maintainer Christoph Ulrich Scholler <scholler@fnb.tu-darmstadt.de>
Architecture all
Version 0.7.5-2
Depends libgtk2-perl, liblocale-gettext-perl, openssl (>> 0.9.7e)
Suggests metamail, gnupg, ispell
File name pool/main/t/tinyca/tinyca_0.7.5-2_all.deb
Description TinyCA is a program with a simple graphical user interface that makes managing a small CA (Certification Authority) easy. TinyCA works as a frontend for openssl and can deal with several independent CAs. . With TinyCA you can create and manage x509 and S/MIME server and client certificates. You can choose between RSA and DSA keys, as well as between different digest algorithms. . The certificates can be exported as PEM, DER, TXT and PKCS#12 or as a convenient archive containing both key and certificate. Certificates can be revoked by adding them to a certificate revocation list. . The TinyCA hompage is at http://tinyca.sm-zone.net/

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