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krusader twin-panel (commander-style) file manager for KDE (and other desktops)
Installed size 6412
Maintainer Debian KDE Extras Team <pkg-kde-extras@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 1.70.1-1
Depends kdelibs4c2a (>= 4
Suggests md5deep | cfv, kedit, khexedit, konsole, kmail, krename, kdiff3 | kompare | xxdiff, ark, arj, bzip2, cpio, lha, unrar | unrar-free | rar, rpm, unace, unzip, zip, p7zip, kdebase-bin, kdebase-kio-plugins
File name pool/main/k/krusader/krusader_1.70.1-1_i386.deb
Description Krusader is a simple, easy, powerful, twin-panel (commander-style) file manager for KDE and other desktops, similar to Midnight Commander (C) or Total Commander (C). . It provides all the file management features you could possibly want. . Plus: extensive archive handling, mounted filesystem support, FTP, advanced search module, viewer/editor, directory synchronisation, file content comparisons, powerful batch renaming and much much more. . It supports archive formats: ace, arj, bzip2, deb, iso, lha, rar, rpm, tar, zip and 7-zip. . It handles KIOSlaves such as smb:// or fish://. . Almost completely customizable, Krusader is very user friendly, fast and looks great on your desktop. . http://krusader.sourceforge.net

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