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kmflcomp KMFL Compiler
Installed size 76
Maintainer Doug Rintoul <doug_rintoul@sil.org>
Architecture i386
Version 0.9.4-1
Depends libkmflcomp0 (= 0.9.4-1)
Suggests kde-core
File name pool/main/k/kmflcomp/kmflcomp_0.9.4-1_i386.deb
Description KMFL stands for 'Keyboard Mapping For Linux'. It is effectively a 'soft' input method for X11 systems. KMFL is based on an intuitive keyboard description language that works well for the great majority of non-ideographic scripts. KMFL allows complex keyboard 'mappings' or 'layouts' to be defined in a natural, declarative way using a high-level language. It does not require a programming background in order to implement new layouts. It enforces well-formedness, and provides helpful visual feedback to the user as they type. . Although complex script rendering takes care of many of the complexities of a non-roman script, it is important to be able to generate and edit well-formed Unicode sequences of base and diacritic characters using the keyboard. It is also important to enforce well-formedness at the keyboard level. KMFL is able to do this by examining the surrounding characters (known as the context) when text is inserted or changed. Through this context-sensitivity, KMFL is also able to provide progressive visual feedback to the user when multi-key sequences are being entered, which is much more reassuring than when 'invisible' dead-key sequences are used. KMFL is also able to do in place editing to handle character reordering based on the surrounding context. . KMFL is based on a commercial product for Windows called Keyman from Tavultesoft. Keyman is a mature and successful product, and the definition language has been refined and strengthened over a long period of time in response to field needs. Tavultesoft was instrumental in the development of KMFL. Tavultesoft developed the platform-independent library, and SIL implemented the SCIM module. The result was KMFL, which is 100ompatible with Keyman at the keyboard definition source level. . A good explanation of the benefits and use of Keyman is available at http://www.tavultesoft.com/keyman/intro.php. . KMFL is implemented as a platform-independent library together with an IM-framework specific module. KMFL currently includes a SCIM (Smart Common Input Method) module that passes the mapping work on to KMFL. . There are currently a large number of keyboards available for Keyman for languages such as Tamil, Burmese, Lao, and Tlingit. KMFL allows these keyboards to be used under Linux. . This package contains the compiler to compile Keyman-style keyboard layout files to a binary format for use by the KMFL keystroke interpreter.

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