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jazip Mount and unmount Iomega Zip and/or Jaz drives
Installed size 388
Maintainer Peter S Galbraith <psg@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 0.34-11
Depends libc6 (>= 2.3.5-1), libforms1, libx11-6 | xlibs (>> 4.1.0), debconf | debconf-2.0
Suggests libgcj7-src, libgcj7-dbg
File name pool/main/j/jazip/jazip_0.34-11_i386.deb
Description It combines Grant Guenther's original command line utility, ziptool, with Jaz drive support, a nice X interface and additional utilities to allow users to easily mount and unmount disks formatted in either ext2 or fat. . It supports the Iomega Zip drive with USB, parallel, SCSI or ATAPI interfaces, but ATAPI Zip drives are supported only when using kernel SCSI emulation. I don't know about the Zip-plus version (someone please tell me). The SCSI Jaz drive is supported in both the 1G and 2G capacities. It does not support the much older IDE (non-ATAPI) interface drives, nor Syquest drives. . The package also includes jazipconfig, a configuration tool.

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