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grep-dctrl Grep Debian package information - transition package
Installed size 24
Maintainer Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <ajk@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.9.3
Depends dctrl-tools
Suggests ssh, lsh-client, gftp-gtk, grdesktop
File name pool/main/d/dctrl-tools/grep-dctrl_2.9.3_all.deb
Description The grep-dctrl program is provided by the dctrl-tools package. This package is available to ease the transition. You can safely remove this package when no other package depends on it. . The grep-dctrl program can answer such questions as * "What is the Debian package foo?" * "Which version of the Debian package bar is now current?" * "Which Debian packages does John Doe maintain?" * "Which Debian packages are somehow related to the Scheme programming language?" and with some help * "Who maintain the essential packages of a Debian system?" given a useful input file. . It is a specialised grep program that is meant for processing any file which has the general format of a Debian package control file. These include the dpkg available file, the dpkg status file, and the Packages files on a distribution medium (such as a Debian CD-ROM or an FTP site carrying Debian). . The specializations grep-status, grep-available and grep-aptavail, which take their input by default from the dpkg status file, the dpkg available file (updated by dselect update, but see below) and the apt available database (updated by apt-get update), respectively. The grep-available specialization is useful mainly to users of dselect or apt, while grep-aptavail only works if apt is installed. . A script, sync-available, which syncs the dpkg available file to the apt available database without requiring dselect, is provided.

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