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dissy graphical frontend for objdump
Installed size 212
Maintainer Varun Hiremath <varunhiremath@gmail.com>
Architecture all
Version 4-1
Depends python-central (>= 0.5.8), python (>= 2.3), binutils, python-gtk2
Suggests lsb-base
File name pool/main/d/dissy/dissy_4-1_all.deb
Description Dissy is a disassembler for Linux and UNIX which supports multiple architectures and allows easy navigation through the code. Dissy is implemented in Python and uses objdump for disassembling files. Dissy can be used for debugging, reverse engineering and checking compiler-generated code. . Homepage: http://rtlab.tekproj.bth.se/wiki/index.php/Dissy

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