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bdf2psf Font converter to generate console fonts from BDF source fonts
Installed size 228
Maintainer Console utilities maintainers <pkg-kbd-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.13
Depends perl
Suggests runit-run, anacron
File name pool/main/c/console-setup/bdf2psf_1.13_all.deb
Description This is a command line converter that can be used in scripts to build automatically console fonts from BDF sources. The converter comes with a collection of font encodings that cover many of the world languages; notice that the font encoding (so called SFM) does not need to follow the actually used encoding (so called ACM). When the source font does not define a glyph for a symbol in the font encoding the glyph position in the console font is not wasted but used for another symbol. . When deciding about the position in the font for a particular glyph, the converter takes into account that in text video modes the video adapter copies the 8th column of the glyph matrix of symbols positioned in the pseudographic area to the 9th column. In order to create fonts for text video modes the width of the glyph matrix of the source BDF font should be 7, 8 or 9 pixels, otherwise the converter creates fonts suitable for framebuffer only.

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