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a2ps GNU a2ps - 'Anything to PostScript' converter and pretty-printer
abcm2ps Translates ABC music description files to PostScript
acheck Check common localisation mistakes
acheck-rules Basic rules for acheck
acheck-rules-fr French rules for acheck
ack Kanji code converter
aewan ASCII-art Editor Without A Name
aft "free form" document preparation system
aiksaurus an English-language thesaurus (utility)
alcovebook-sgml Alcove customisation of the DocBook DTD and stylesheets
alml SGML typesetting system able to generate PDF, PS, HTML and TXT
antiword Converts MS Word files to text and ps
apsfilter Magic print filter with automatic file type recognition
asciidoc Highly configurable text format for writing documentation
asiya24-vfont Japanese Maru Gothic font in Zeit Syotai Club format
aspell GNU Aspell spell-checker
aspell-ar Arabic dictionary for aspell
aspell-ar-large Large Arabic dictionary for aspell
aspell-bg Bulgarian dictionary for aspell
aspell-bn Bengali Wordlist for Aspell
aspell-br Breton dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ca Catalan dictionary for aspell
aspell-cs Czech dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-cy Welsh dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-da The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - aspell
aspell-de German dictionary for aspell
aspell-de-alt German dictionary for aspell (old spelling)
aspell-el Greek dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-en English dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-eo Esperanto dictionary for aspell
aspell-es Spanish dictionary for aspell
aspell-et Estonian dictionary for Aspell
aspell-fa Persian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-fi The Finnish dictionary for aspell
aspell-fo The Faroese dictionary for aspell
aspell-fr French dictionary for aspell
aspell-ga Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-gl-minimos Aspell dictionary for Galician (minimos)
aspell-gu The Gujarati wordlist for GNU Aspell dictionary
aspell-he Hebrew dictionary for aspell
aspell-hi Hindi Wordlist for Aspell
aspell-hr The Croatian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-hu Hungarian dictionary for aspell
aspell-hy Armenian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-is Icelandic dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-it The Italian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ku Kurdish dictionary for aspell
aspell-lt aspell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)
aspell-mr Marathi Wordlist for Aspell
aspell-nl Dutch dictionary for aspell
aspell-no Norwegian dictionary for aspell
aspell-or Oriya Wordlist for Aspell
aspell-pa Punjabi Wordlist for Aspell
aspell-pl Polish dictionary for aspell
aspell-pt Portuguese dictionaries for GNU Aspell (old package)
aspell-pt-br Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-pt-pt European Portuguese dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ro The Romanian dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-ru Russian dictionary for Aspell
aspell-sk Slovak dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-sl The Slovenian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-sv The Swedish dictionary for GNU aspell
aspell-ta Tamil Wordlist for Aspell
aspell-te Telugu Wordlist for Aspell
aspell-tl Tagalog dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-uk Ukrainian dictionary for GNU Aspell
aspell-ukr Ukrainian dictionary for GNU Aspell (transitional package)
aspell-uz The Uzbek dictionary for GNU Aspell
atp text to PostScript converter with some C syntax highlighting
bidiv BiDi viewer - command-line tool displaying logical Hebrew/Arabic
bmv PostScript viewer for SVGAlib
bookview Tcl/Tk based NDTP(Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol) client
bool Utility for matching boolean queries in text or html files
boxes Textmode box- and comment drawing filter
brazilian-conjugate Brazilian Portuguese verb conjugator
buthead copy all but the first few lines
catdoc MS-Word to TeX or plain text converter
cd-circleprint prints round cd-labels
cdcover Creating Data-CD Covers
cedilla A best-effort unicode plain text printer
cjet Software PCL emulation for Canon CaPSL laser printers
clara Free OCR program for Unix Systems
codegroup Convert any file, including binary, into 5 letter code
collatinus lemmatisation of latin text
colordiff tool to colorize 'diff' output
cstocs Recoding utility and Czech sorter
dacco-cat-users Catalan to English and English to Catalan dictionary
dacco-common Catalan to English and English to Catalan dictionary
dacco-eng-users Catalan to English and English to Catalan dictionary
dadadodo Exterminates all rational thought
dancer-xml non-conformant docbook-xml to html/latex conversion
dav-text A minimalist ncurses-based text editor
dbacl digramic Bayesian text classifier
dblatex Produces DVI, PostScript, PDF documents from DocBook sources
ddtc Deal with ddts mails
debiandoc-sgml DebianDoc SGML DTD and formatting tools
debiandoc2dbxml DebianDoc to DocBook XML converter
deroff removes roff and preprocessor constructs
diakonos Customizable, usable console-based text editor
dict Dictionary Client
dict-bouvier John Bouvier's Law Dictionary for the USA
dict-de-en German-English translation dictionary for dictd
dict-devil The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
dict-easton Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
dict-elements Data regarding the Elements
dict-foldoc FOLDOC Dictionary Database
dict-freedict-afr-deu Dict package for Africaans-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-cro-eng Dict package for Croatian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-cze-eng Dict package for Czech-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-dan-eng Dict package for Danish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-eng Dict package for German-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-fra Dict package for German-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-ita Dict package for German-Italian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-nld Dict package for German-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-deu-por Dict package for German-Portuguese Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-ara Dict package for English-Arabic Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-cro Dict package for English-Croatian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-cze Dict package for English-Czech Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-deu Dict package for English-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-fra Dict package for English-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-hin Dict package for English-Hindi Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-hun Dict package for English-Hungarian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-iri Dict package for English-Irish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-ita Dict package for English-Italian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-lat Dict package for English-Latin Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-nld Dict package for English-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-por Dict package for English-Portuguese Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-rom Dict package for English-Romanian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-rus Dict package for English-Russian Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-scr Dict package for English-Serbo-Croat Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-spa Dict package for English-Spanish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-swa Dict package for English-Swahili Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-swe Dict package for English-Swedish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-tur Dict package for English-Turkish Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-eng-wel Dict package for English-Welsh Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-deu Dict package for French-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-eng Dict package for French-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-fra-nld Dict package for French-Dutch Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-gla-deu Dict package for Scottish Gaelic-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-hin-eng Dict package for Hindi-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-hun-eng Dict package for Hungarian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-iri-eng Dict package for Irish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-ita-deu Dict package for Italian-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-ita-eng Dict package for Italian-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-jpn-deu Dict package for Japanese-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-lat-deu Dict package for Latin-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-lat-eng Dict package for Latin-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-deu Dict package for Dutch-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-eng Dict package for Dutch-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-nld-fra Dict package for Dutch-French Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-por-deu Dict package for Portuguese-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-por-eng Dict package for Portuguese-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-scr-eng Dict package for Serbo-Croat-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-slo-eng Dict package for Slovak-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-spa-eng Dict package for Spanish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-swa-eng Dict package for Swahili-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-swe-eng Dict package for Swedish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-tur-deu Dict package for Turkish-German Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-tur-eng Dict package for Turkish-English Freedict dictionary
dict-freedict-wel-eng Dict package for Welsh-English Freedict dictionary
dict-gazetteer U.S. Gazetteer (1990)
dict-gazetteer2k Placeholder package to install entire Gazetteer 2000
dict-gazetteer2k-counties Counties Database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gazetteer2k-places Places Database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gazetteer2k-zips ZIP and ZCTA database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
dict-gcide A Comprehensive English Dictionary
dict-hitchcock Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
dict-jargon Jargon File 4.4.4
dict-moby-thesaurus Largest and most comprehensive thesaurus
dict-vera V.E.R.A. - A Dictionary of Computer Related Acronyms
dictd Dictionary Server
dictem Dict client for emacs
diction Utilities to help with style and diction (English and German)
dictionaries-common Common utilities for spelling dictionary tools
dictionary-el dictionary client for Emacs
dictzip Compression utility for dictionary databases
ding Graphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk)
djtools Tools for HP DeskJet printer
docbook standard SGML representation system for technical documents
docbook-dsssl modular DocBook DSSSL stylesheets, for print and HTML
docbook-ebnf EBNF module for the XML version of the DocBook DTD
docbook-html-forms Extension to DocBook XML for generating html forms
docbook-jrefentry DocBook XML JRefEntry DTD
docbook-mathml Extension to DocBook XML for using MathML markup
docbook-simple Simplified DocBook XML Doctype and css stylesheets.
docbook-slides XML Slides DTD and XSL Stylesheets
docbook-to-man converter from DocBook SGML into roff man macros
docbook-utils Convert Docbook files to other formats (HTML, RTF, PS, man, PDF)
docbook-website XML Website DTD and XSL Stylesheets
docbook-xml standard XML documentation system, for software and systems
docbook-xsl stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files to various output formats
docbook-xsl-stylesheets-ko Stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files to HTML and FO in korean.
docbook2x Converts DocBook/XML documents into man pages and TeXinfo
docdiff Compares two files word by word / char by char
dog Enhanced replacement for cat
duali The Arabic Spell Checker
duali-data Duali dictionary data files
e2ps Convert plain text into PostScript
easydiff.app Graphical diff for GNUstep
eblook Electric-Dictionary search command using EB library.
edict English / Japanese dictionary
edict-fpw English / Japanese dictionary (formatted in JIS X 4081)
enamdict Dictionary of Japanese proper names
enca Extremely Naive Charset Analyser - binaries
enscript Converts ASCII text to Postscript, HTML, RTF or Pretty-Print
expat XML parsing C library - example application
ffe Tool for parsing flat and CSV files and converting them to different formats
filepp A generic perl-based file pre-processor
fldiff A graphical diff program
flip convert text file line endings between Unix and DOS formats
fonttools Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML
foo2zjs Support for printing to ZjStream-based printers
foomatic-db linuxprinting.org printer support - database
foomatic-db-engine linuxprinting.org printer support - programs
foomatic-db-gimp-print linuxprinting.org printer support - database for Gimp-Print printer drivers
foomatic-db-gutenprint linuxprinting.org printer support - database for Gutenprint printer drivers
foomatic-db-hpijs linuxprinting.org printer support - database for HPIJS driver
foomatic-filters linuxprinting.org printer support - filters
foomatic-filters-ppds linuxprinting.org printer support - prebuilt PPD files
g2p-sk Phonetic transcription for Slovak language
gaiksaurus graphical interface to the Aiksaurus toolkit (GTK+ frontend)
gdrae A Real Academia Espanola dictinoary interface
gnome-u2ps Tool to convert UTF-8 text to PostScript
gnuhtml2latex A Perl script that converts html files to latex
grap program for typesetting graphs
grc generic colouriser for everything
groff GNU troff text-formatting system
groff-base GNU troff text-formatting system (base system components)
gs Transitional package
gs-common Common files for different Ghostscript releases
gs-esp The Ghostscript PostScript interpreter - ESP version
gs-gpl The GPL Ghostscript PostScript interpreter
gsfonts Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s)
gsfonts-wadalab-common Japanese symbol fonts for the ghostscript interpreter
gsfonts-wadalab-gothic Japanese gothic fonts for the ghostscript interpreter
gsfonts-wadalab-mincho Japanese mincho fonts for the ghostscript interpreter
gtranslator PO-file editor for the GNOME Desktop
gv PostScript and PDF viewer for X
halibut yet another free document preparation system
hanzim Chinese character learning aid
hlins Insert URLs into html documents
hpijs HP Linux Printing and Imaging - gs IJS driver (hpijs)
hspell Hebrew spell checker and morphological analyzer
hspell-gui a graphical front-end for the hspell hebrew spell checker
html2ps HTML to PostScript converter
hunspell spell checker and morphological analyzer (program)
hunspell-de-at Austrian (German) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-de-ch Swiss (German) dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-de-de German dictionary for hunspell
hyperestraier a full-text search system for communities
hztty Translates GB, Big5, zW/HZ Chinese encodings in a tty session
i2e English-Spanish translation dictionary
iamerican An American English dictionary for ispell
ibrazilian Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for ispell
ibritish A British English dictionary for ispell
ibulgarian The Bulgarian dictionary for ispell
icatalan Catalan dictionary for ispell
iczech The Czech dictionary for ispell
idanish The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - ispell
idutch Dutch dictionary for ispell
iesperanto Esperanto dictionary for ispell
iestonian Estonian dictionary for Ispell
ifaroese The Faroese dictionary for ispell
ifinnish A medium-size Finnish dictionary for Ispell
ifinnish-large A large Finnish dictionary for Ispell
ifinnish-small A small Finnish dictionary for Ispell
ifrench The French dictionary for ispell (Hydro-Quebec version)
ifrench-gut The French dictionary for ispell (GUTenberg version)
igaelic A Scots Gaelic dictionary for ispell
igalician-minimos Ispell dictionary for Galician (minimos)
ihungarian The Hungarian dictionary for ispell
iirish An Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary for ispell
iitalian The Italian dictionary for ispell
ijsgimpprint printer drivers for CUPS
ijsgutenprint inkjet server - Ghostscript driver for Gutenprint
ilithuanian ispell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)
imanx A Manx Gaelic dictionary for ispell
imediff2 interactive full screen 2-way merge tool
impose+ Postscript utilities for two-up printing, bbox, etc
ingerman New German orthography dictionary for ispell
inorwegian Norwegian dictionary for ispell
iogerman Old German orthography dictionary for ispell
ipolish The Polish dictionary for ispell
iportuguese European Portuguese dictionary for ispell
irussian Russian dictionary for Ispell
ispanish Spanish dictionary for ispell
ispell International Ispell (an interactive spelling corrector)
iswedish The Swedish dictionary for ispell
iswiss Swiss (German) orthography dictionary for ispell
itagalog A Tagalog dictionary for Ispell
itrans Converts romanized Indic texts to Latex, HTML & Postscript
itrans-doc Documentation for the ITRANS Indic text processing system
itrans-fonts fonts used in the ITRANS Indic text processing system
iukrainian Ukrainian dictionary for ispell
jade James Clark's DSSSL Engine
jless A file pager program, similar to more(1) supporting ISO2022
kakasi KAnji KAna Simple Inverter
kakasi-dic KAKASI dictionary files
kanadic Katakana and hiragana drill files for KDrill
kanjidic A Kanji Dictionary
katoob A Gtk2 light weight multilingual BiDi aware text editor
kcc Kanji code filter
kdrill A Kanji drill and dictionary program
khmerconverter converts between legacy Khmer encodings and Unicode
konwert Charset conversion for files or terminal I/O
konwert-dev Tools to define new charset conversion for konwert
konwert-filters Filters used by konwert for charset conversion
kwalify a tiny schema validator for YAML documents
kxsldbg graphical XSLT debugger for KDE
latrine curses-based LAnguage TRaINEr
lcdf-typetools Programs to manipulate OpenType and multiple-master fonts
ldapvi perform an LDAP search and update results using a text editor
ldp-docbook-dsssl The Linux Documentation Project's DSSSL stylesheets
ldp-docbook-xsl The Linux Documentation Project's XSL stylesheets
le-dico-de-rene-cougnenc the "Dico" by Rene Cougnenc
less Pager program similar to more
lhs2tex Generates LaTeX code from literate Haskell sources
libaa-bin sample programs using aalib
libbow Bag of Words Library
libestraier-ruby1.8 Hyper Estraier Node API Libraries for Ruby
libestraier8 a full-text search system Libraries [runtime]
libkakasi-ruby1.8 KAKASI interface for Ruby 1.8
liblucene-java full-text search engine library for Java(TM) and demonstration programs
libnmz7 Namazu shared library
libnmz7-dev libnmz header files and static libraries.
librd-ruby1.8 RDTool library for Ruby 1.8
libsary-ruby1.8 A ruby binding of sary
libsuikyo-ruby1.8 Romaji Hiragana conversion library (ruby-binding)
libtabe-db Chinese lexicons database for libtabe in Big5 encoding
libverbiste0-dev a French conjugation system
libverbiste0c2a a French conjugation system
libwbxml2-utils WBXML utils
libxml2-utils XML utilities
libxp-java XML 1.0 parser for Java
lincredits Generate nicely-formatted versions of the Linux CREDITS file
lingoteach-lesson language teaching program (vocabulary data)
lingoteach-ui language teaching program
link-grammar Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser for English
link-grammar-dictionaries-en Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser for English
linuxdoc-tools SGML converters for the LinuxDoc DTD only.
linuxdoc-tools-info Info output facility of LinuxDoc-Tools
linuxdoc-tools-latex LaTeX/PS/PDF output facility of LinuxDoc-Tools
linuxdoc-tools-text Text output facility of LinuxDoc-Tools
linuxprinting.org-ppds linuxprinting.org printer support - PostScript PPD files
logidee-tools Tools to write courses in XML and export them to various formats
lookup interactive utility to search text files quickly
lookup-el Search interface to electronic dictionaries by Emacs
lout Typesetting system, an alternative to (La)TeX
lout-common Common files for the Lout typesetting system
lv Powerful Multilingual File Viewer
m17n-db a multilingual text processing library - database
magicfilter automatic printer filter
makedic A dictionary compiler for KDrill
manued-el Minor mode for manued proofreading method
mgdiff xdiff clone
mguesser Guesses language of a text
miscfiles Dictionaries and other interesting files
mknfonts.tool Create nfont packages for GNUstep
most Pager program similar to more and less
mova Scripts for Mova-format dictionary
mp pretty-printer for email messages and other text files
mpage print multiple pages per sheet on PostScript printer
mueller7-dict English/Russian dictionary in dict format
mueller7-mova English/Russian dictionary in mova format
mueller7accent-dict English/Russian dictionary with accents in dict format
mueller7accent-mova English/Russian dictionary with accents in mova format
myspell-bg The Bulgarian dictionary for myspell
myspell-ca Catalan dictionary for myspell
myspell-cs-cz Czech dictionary for myspell
myspell-da The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - myspell
myspell-de-at Austrian (German) dictionary for myspell
myspell-de-ch Swiss (German) dictionary for myspell
myspell-de-de German dictionary for myspell
myspell-de-de-oldspell German dictionary for myspell (old orthography)
myspell-el-gr Greek (el_GR) dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-au English_australian dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-gb English_british dictionary for myspell
myspell-en-us English_american dictionary for myspell
myspell-eo Esperanto dictionary for myspell
myspell-es Spanish dictionary for myspell
myspell-et Estonian dictionary for MySpell
myspell-fi The Finnish dictionary for myspell
myspell-fo The Faroese dictionary for myspell
myspell-fr The French dictionary for myspell (Hydro-Quebec version)
myspell-fr-gut The French dictionary for myspell (GUTenberg version)
myspell-ga An Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary for OpenOffice and Mozilla
myspell-gd Scots Gaelic dictionary for myspell
myspell-gl-es Galician dictionary for myspell
myspell-gv Manx Gaelic dictionary for myspell
myspell-he Hebrew dictionary for myspell
myspell-hr Croatian dictionary for myspell
myspell-hu The Hungarian dictionary for myspell
myspell-it Italian dictionary for myspell
myspell-ku Kurdish (Kurmanji) dictionary for myspell
myspell-lt myspell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)
myspell-lv Latvian MySpell dictionary
myspell-nb Norwegian bokmål dictionary for myspell
myspell-nl Dutch dictionary for myspell
myspell-nn Norwegian nynorsk dictionary for myspell
myspell-pl The Polish dictionary for myspell
myspell-pt Portuguese dictionaries for myspell
myspell-pt-br Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for myspell
myspell-pt-pt European Portuguese dictionary for myspell
myspell-ru Russian dictionary for MySpell
myspell-sk The Slovak dictionary for myspell
myspell-sl Slovenian dictionary for myspell
myspell-sv-se Swedish (SE) dictionary for myspell
myspell-sw Swahili dictionary for myspell
myspell-th Thai dictionary for myspell
myspell-uk Ukrainian dictionary for myspell
namazu2 Full text search engine (namazu binary and cgi)
namazu2-common Full text search engine (Document files)
namazu2-index-tools Full text search engine (Tools for index handling)
ndtpd server for accessing CD-ROM books with NDTP
nkf Network Kanji code conversion Filter
ooo2dbk converts OpenOffice.org SXW documents to DocBook XML
opendict computer dictionary for several dictionary formats
openjade Implementation of the DSSSL language
openjade1.3 Implementation of the DSSSL language
openoffice.org-dtd-officedocument1.0 OfficeDocument 1.0 DTD (OpenOffice.org 1.x)
openoffice.org-hyphenation-de German hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-hyphenation-hr Croatian hyphenation pattern for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-hyphenation-hu Hungarian hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-hyphenation-lt Lithuanian hyphenation pattern for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-hyphenation-pl Polish hyphenation patterns for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-thesaurus-cs Czech Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-thesaurus-de German Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-thesaurus-de-ch German Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org (Swiss Version=
openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-au Australian English Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-us English Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-thesaurus-it Italian Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org 2
openoffice.org-thesaurus-sk Slovak Thesaurus for OpenOffice.org
openoffice.org-voikko Oo2-voikko, a Finnish spell-checker and hyphenation for OpenOffice.org
opensaml-schemas XML schemas for OpenSAML
opensp OpenJade group's SGML parsing tools
openthesaurus-de-kword German Thesaurus for KWord
openthesaurus-de-text German Text Thesaurus for e.g. ding
page-crunch GUI/frontend to psutils programs, like psnup, psbook
paps UTF-8 to PostScript converter using Pango
par Paragraph reformatter
parsewiki Documentation System Based on ASCII Text
patchutils Utilities to work with patches
pdfjam collection of PDF document handling utilities
pdftk A useful tool for manipulating PDF documents
pdftohtml Translates PDF documents into HTML format (transitional package)
perlsgml tools to build and analyze SGML or XML document type definitions.
php-elisp Emacs support for php files
pkf Perl Kanji code conversion Filter
plywood Playwriting typing and typesetting help
pnm2ppa PPM to PPA converter
po4a tools for helping translation of documentation
poedit cross-platform gettext catalog editor
poster Create large posters out of PostScript pages
prestimel tool to create presentations from an XML-file
prime Japanese PRedictive Input Method Editor
prime-dict Japanese PRedictive Input Method Editor (dictionary)
printfilters-ppd filters from the GNUlpr printing system
ps2eps convert PostScript to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files
psgml An Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents.
psrip Extract images from PostScript files
pstotext Extract text from PostScript and PDF files
psutils A collection of PostScript document handling utilities
pydict an English/Chinese Dictionary written with python/gtk
python-cheetah text-based template engine and Python code generator
qdacco offline Dacco Catalan <-> English dictionary frontend
raptor-utils Raptor RDF parser and serializer utilities
rasqal-utils Rasqal RDF Query utilities
rdtool RD document formatter
rdtool-elisp Emacs-lisp rd-mode for writing RD document
re Russian Anywhere -- Russian text converter
recode Character set conversion utility
records-common Save and index notes in Emacs environment
records-gnuemacs Save and index notes in Emacs environment
records-xemacs Save and index notes in Emacs environment
redland-utils Redland Resource Description Framework (RDF) Utility programs
rhyme console based rhyming dictionary
rman PolyglotMan - Reverse compile man pages
rmligs-german remove incorrectly used ligatures from LaTeX documents
rotix A program to generate rotational obfuscations
rxp A validating XML parser
sablotron an XSL processor fully implemented in C++
sary A suffix array library (program)
scowl Spell-Checker Oriented Word Lists
screader Screen reader using software or hardware speech synthesizer
sdf Simple Document Parser
serpento DICT server with full Unicode support
sgml-base SGML infrastructure and SGML catalog file support
sgml-data common SGML and XML data
sgml-spell-checker spell checker for SGML documents
sgml2x generic formatter for SGML/XML documents using DSSSL stylesheets
sgmlspl SGMLS-based example Perl script for processing SGML parser output
sgmltexi SGML typesetting system
sgmltools-lite convert DocBook SGML source into HTML using DSSSL
sgrep tool to search a file for structured pattern
shorlfilter Text filter to shorten long URLs using online redirection database
since tail(1) work-alike that saves and uses state information
sisu electronic document collection generator, search enabling
sisu-complete installs all SiSU related packages
sisu-pdf dependencies to convert SiSU LaTeX output to pdf
sisu-postgresql SiSU dependencies for use with postgresql database
sisu-sqlite SiSU dependencies for use with sqlite database
slice Extract out pre-defined slices of an ASCII file
sp James Clark's SGML parsing tools
spell GNU Spell, a clone of Unix `spell'
spellutils Utilities to spell-check selectively
stardic an English-Chinese dictionary software for Unix
stx2any Converter from structured plain text to other formats
sufary Full-text searching tools using suffix array
sufary-tcltk Tcl/Tk interface for SUFARY
suikyo-elisp Romaji Hiragana conversion library (elisp binding)
suikyo-table Romaji Hiragana conversion library (conversion table)
swath Thai word segmentation program
sword-comm-mhcc Matthew Henry Concise Commentary for SWORD
sword-comm-pers Personal Commentary for SWORD
sword-comm-scofield Scofield Reference Notes, 1917 edition for SWORD
sword-comm-tdavid C. H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David for SWORD
sword-dict-naves Naves Topical Bible for SWORD
sword-dict-strongs-greek Strong's Greek Bible Dictionary for SWORD
sword-dict-strongs-hebrew Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary for SWORD
sword-text-kjv King James Version with Strongs Numbers for SWORD
sword-text-sparv Spanish Reina-Valera Bible (1909) for SWORD
sword-text-web World English Bible (WEB) for SWORD
sylseg-sk Syllabic segmentation for Slovak language
t1-oldslavic OldSlavic -- a Cyrillic Type1 font with medieval design
t1utils A collection of simple Type 1 font manipulation programs
tcs character set translator
tdtd Emacs major mode for editing SGML and XML DTDs
texi2html Convert Texinfo files to HTML
texinfo Documentation system for on-line information and printed output
thescoder compiler for OpenOffice 1.x thesaurus files
tkdiff graphical side by side "diff" utility
tmispell-voikko Ispell wrapper which uses Voikko for spell-checking
tnef Tool to unpack MIME application/ms-tnef attachments
toilet display large colourful characters in text mode
toilet-fonts collection of TOIlet fonts
trang Multi-format XML schema converter based on RELAX NG
trans-de-en A German-English translation dictionary
translate translates words from English into German or viceversa
translate-docformat any-to-any document translation system
tre-agrep approximate grep utility based on the tre library
troffcvt Converts troff source to HTML, RTF, and plain text
trueprint pretty printing of source code
ttf2pt1 A TrueType to PostScript Type 1 Font Converter
ttf2pt1-chinese Chinese fonts encoding maps for ttf2pt1
turkey dummy text generator
txt2html Text to HTML converter
txt2man Converts flat ASCII text to man page format
txt2tags a conversion tool generating HTML/SGML/LaTeX/man/MoinMoin/mgp/PageMaker files
udo universal document - text processing utility
uim Simple and flexible input method collection and library
uim-common Common files for uim
uim-fep uim Front End Processor
unhtml Remove the markup tags from an HTML file
uni2ascii convert UTF-8 into 7-bit ASCII and vice versa
unrtf RTF to other formats converter
vera List of computer acronyms
verbiste a French conjugation system
verbiste-gnome a French conjugation system
vgrind Runoff preprocessor for program sources
vh Volks-hypertext browser
viewpdf.app Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer for GNUstep
voikko-fi A description of Finnish morphology written in Malaga
vtprint Prints to term emulator via ANSI codes
w3-dtd-mathml Mathematical Markup Language V2.0 DTD
w3c-dtd-xhtml W3C eXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) DTD
w3m WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames support
w3m-img inline image extension support utilities for w3m
wamerican American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-huge American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-large American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wamerican-small American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbrazilian Brazilian Portuguese wordlist
wbritish British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-huge British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-large British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbritish-small British English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wbulgarian The Bulgarian dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-huge Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-large Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcanadian-small Canadian English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wcatalan Catalan dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wdanish The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - wordlist
wdiff Compares two files word by word
wdutch list of Dutch words
wfaroese The Faroese dictionary / wordlist
wfinnish A small Finnish dictionary for /usr/share/dict
wfrench French dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wgaelic A Scots Gaelic word list
wgalician-minimos Wordlist for Galician (minimos)
wikipedia2text displays Wikipedia articles on the command line
wirish Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
witalian The Italian dictionary words for /usr/share/dict/
wmanx Manx Gaelic dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wngerman New German orthography wordlist
wnorwegian Norwegian wordlist
wogerman The old German dictionary for /usr/share/dict
wordnet electronic lexical database of English language
wordnet-base electronic lexical database of English language
wordnet-sense-index electronic lexical database of English language
wordtrans-data Multi Language Word Translator for Linux
wordtrans-dict Multi Language Word Translator for Linux
wordtrans-kde Multi Language Word Translator for Linux
wordtrans-qt Multi Language Word Translator for Linux
wordtrans-web Multi Language Word Translator for Linux
wp2x WordPerfect 5.x documents to whatever converter
wpolish Polish dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wportuguese European Portuguese wordlist
wpp The Web Preprocessor - a Perl script to preprocess HTML files
wspanish The Spanish dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wswedish The Swedish dictionary
wswiss Swiss (German) orthography wordlist
wukrainian Ukrainian dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
wv Programs for accessing Microsoft Word documents
wysihtml-el Almost real-time previewing system for HTML and DocBook
xalan XSLT processor
gs Transitional package
gs-esp The Ghostscript PostScript interpreter - ESP version
gs-gpl The GPL Ghostscript PostScript interpreter
hpijs HP Linux Printing and Imaging - gs IJS driver (hpijs)
hyperestraier a full-text search system for communities
libestraier-ruby1.8 Hyper Estraier Node API Libraries for Ruby
libestraier7 a full-text search system Libraries [runtime]
libxml2-utils XML utilities
link-grammar Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser for English
link-grammar-dictionaries-en Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser for English
openoffice.org-dtd-officedocument1.0 OfficeDocument 1.0 DTD (OpenOffice.org 1.x)
wordnet electronic lexical database of English language
wordnet-base electronic lexical database of English language
wordnet-sense-index electronic lexical database of English language
xpdf Portable Document Format (PDF) suite
xpdf-common Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- common files
xpdf-reader Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- viewer for X11
xpdf-utils Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- utilities
xsltproc XSLT command line processor

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