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texlive-generic-extra TeX Live
Installed size 3924
Maintainer Debian TeX Maintainers <debian-tex-maint@lists.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2005.dfsg.3-1
Depends texlive-base | tetex-bin, texlive-common (>= 2005.dfsg.2-1)
Suggests passivetex (>> 1.25-2), jadetex (>= 3.13-7.1), xmltex (>> 1.9-11.1)
File name pool/main/t/texlive-extra/texlive-generic-extra_2005.dfsg.3-1_all.deb
Description This is a mixed bag of macro packages and fonts which do not seem to belong elsewhere. . This package includes the following CTAN packages: abbr -- The abbr package. abstyles -- No description available. aurora -- Header files for dvips to make colour separations. barr -- Diagram macros by Michael Barr. borceux -- Diagram macros by Francois Borceux. c-pascal -- Typeset C and Pascal programs. colorsep -- Color separation. dinat -- Bibliography style for German texts. eijkhout -- No caption. fltpoint -- Simple floating point arithmetic. insbox -- A TeX macro for inserting pictures/boxes into paragraphs. metatex -- METATeX communicates TeX and METAFONT mftoeps -- A MetaFont-PostScript link. midnight -- A set of useful macro tools. multi -- Multi PS header file ofs -- plainTeX and LaTeX macro for managing large font collections. psfig -- No description available. realcalc -- Macros for real arithmetic calculations. vrb -- Verbatim macros via plain TeX. vtex -- TeX system and PDF support for Linux and OS/2.

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