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texlive-doc-en TeX Live
Installed size 54232
Maintainer Debian TeX Maintainers <debian-tex-maint@lists.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2005.dfsg.2-1
Depends texlive-doc-base, texlive-common (>= 2005.dfsg.2-1)
Suggests texlive-doc-en
File name pool/main/t/texlive-doc/texlive-doc-en_2005.dfsg.2-1_all.deb
Description Documentation in English. . This package includes the following CTAN packages: FAQ-en -- The FAQ-en package. Type1fonts -- The Type1fonts package. amslatex-primer -- The amslatex-primer package. catalogue -- A catalogue of what's available on CTAN. components-of-TeX -- The components-of-TeX package. comprehensive -- Comprehensive list of LaTeX comprehensive. dtxtut -- Tutorial on writing .dtx and .ins files firststeps -- The firststeps package. gentle -- A Gentle Intorudction to TeX. guide-to-latex -- The guide-to-latex package. help -- The help package. impatient -- TeX for the Impatient knuth -- No caption. l2tabu-english -- English Translation of Obsolete packages and commands. latex-graphics-companion -- The latex-graphics-companion package. latex-web-companion -- The latex-web-companion package. latex2e-html -- The latex2e-html package. lshort-english -- A (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX2e. make-tex-work -- The make-tex-work package. math-into-latex -- The math-into-latex package. mathmode -- The mathmode package. metafont-for-beginners -- The metafont-for-beginners package. metafp -- Some Experiences in Running METAFONT and MetaPost. metapost-examples -- Example drawings using metapost. pstricks-tutorial -- The pstricks-tutorial package. tamethebeast -- TamethebeaST tds -- The TeX Directory Structure documentation. tex-refs -- TeX reference documentation tlc2 -- The tlc2 package. truetype -- How to use TrueType fonts with teTeX. webguide -- Brief Guide to LaTeX Tools for Web publishing. wp-conv -- FAQ on converters between (La)TeX and PC-Textprocessors.

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