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tetex-brev Norwegian A4 letter style for LaTeX
Installed size 120
Maintainer Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 4.22.3
Depends tetex-base, tetex-bin
Suggests gs-gpl | gs-esp | gs-afpl, gv | postscript-viewer, xpdf-reader | pdf-viewer, tetex-extra, texinfo, texi2html, dvipng, chktex | lacheck, rubber, sam2p, xbase-clients
File name pool/main/t/tetex-brev/tetex-brev_4.22.3_all.deb
Description A little LaTeX letter class for personal letters. It is called ``brev'' because that is the Norwegian name for letter, and for avoiding name clashes with the standard LaTeX letter class.

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