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scalable-cyrfonts-tex Scalable Cyrillic fonts for TeX
Installed size 17824
Maintainer Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 4.10-0.1
Depends tex-common (>= 0.7)
Suggests t1-cyrillic, t1-teams, t1-oldslavic
File name pool/main/s/scalable-cyrfonts/scalable-cyrfonts-tex_4.10-0.1_all.deb
Description This package installs all needed TeX font metcic files, virtual fonts, font definitions and some style packages in order to provide TeX with the following font families: Free Times, Free Helvetian, Free Helvetian Condensed, Free Courier, Free Avant Garde, Free Paladin, Free Schoolbook, Free Bookman, Free Chancery, Teams and OldSlavic. . If you want to have these font families available to X11 and Defoma-aware applications (Ghostscript, Grace, SciGraphica) then please install the packages t1-cyrillic, t1-teams and t1-oldslavic. . In order to make this package functional please read the file /usr/share/doc/scalable-cyrfonts-tex/README.Debian.

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