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rubber an automated system for building LaTeX documents
Installed size 424
Maintainer Emmanuel Beffara <manu@beffara.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.1-2
Depends python, tetex-bin | texlive-latex-base
Suggests imagemagick, transfig, sam2p
File name pool/main/r/rubber/rubber_1.1-2_all.deb
Description This is a building system for LaTeX documents. It is based on a routine that runs just as many compilations as necessary. The module system provides a great flexibility that virtually allows support for any package with no user intervention, as well as pre- and post-processing of the document. The standard modules currently provide support for bibtex, dvips, dvipdfm, pdftex, makeindex. A good number of standard packages are supported, including graphics/graphicx with automatic conversion between various graphics formats and Metapost compilation. . Homepage: http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~beffara/soft/rubber/

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