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musixlyr a MusiXTeX extension for handling lyrics
Installed size 144
Maintainer Roland Stigge <stigge@antcom.de>
Architecture all
Version 2.1c-3
Depends tetex-bin (>= 1.0.5-1) | texlive-base-bin
Suggests pmx (>= 2.1.0-1)
File name pool/main/m/musixlyr/musixlyr_2.1c-3_all.deb
Description musixlyr is a set of TeX macros to be used with Taupin MusiXTeX (version T.52 or later) for typesetting vocal music. Its purpose is to compensate two drawbacks of MusiXTeX's lyrics handling: . * Typesetting lyrics with the "native" musixtex commands \zcharnote, \zsong etc. tends to be quite inefficient, particularly if the lyrics have to be changed or corrected. The idea underlying musixlyr is to separate lyrics coding from music coding and let TeX weave them together with as little manual interference as possible. As a result you can enter and edit lyrics (nearly) as easily as normal text. . * musixtex has no built-in mechanism for centering hyphens between syllables and for handling hyphenation at long melismas. This is implemented in musixlyr following the example of engraved music. . Author: Rainer Dunker Primary-site: http://icking-music-archive.sunsite.dk/software/indexmt6.html

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