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hyperlatex Creating HTML using LaTeX documents
Installed size 752
Maintainer Roland Stigge <stigge@antcom.de>
Architecture all
Version 2.8b-3
Depends emacs | emacsen, gs, netpbm
Suggests hylafax-doc, mgetty
File name pool/main/h/hyperlatex/hyperlatex_2.8b-3_all.deb
Description Hyperlatex allows you to use a LaTeX-like language to prepare documents in HTML (the hypertext markup language used by the world wide web), and, at the same time, to produce a fine printed document from your input. You can use all of LaTeX's power for the printed output, and you don't have to learn a new language for creating hypertext documents. . Note that Hyperlatex is not meant to translate arbitrary Latex files into HTML. Rather, it provides an authoring environment for writing printed documents and HTML documents at the same time, using an extended subset of Latex (excluding concepts that have no HTML counterpart and adding commands for new HTML concepts such as hyperlinks or included images).

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