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hbf-kanji48 Japanese Kanji 48x48 bitmap font (JIS X-0208) for CJK
Installed size 1993
Maintainer Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.0-2
Depends tetex-bin
Suggests hbf-cns40-2, hbf-cns40-3, hbf-cns40-4, hbf-cns40-5, hbf-cns40-6, hbf-cns40-7
File name pool/main/h/hbf-kanji48/hbf-kanji48_1.0-2_all.deb
Description This package contains a JIS X-0208-encoded Japanese Kanji normal-style Mincho 48x48 bitmap font file, together with its HBF header file, an hbf2gf configuration file and .tfm files to be used with the CJK package for LaTeX. . It was generated from the LABO system 123 48x48 bitmap font. It is the same font as the 48x48 Watanabe Mincho font found in the "xfonts-intl-japanese-big" package and the vector font in the "watanabe-vfont" package.

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