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cjk-latex installs all LaTeX CJK packages
Installed size 20
Maintainer Danai SAE-HAN (韓達耐) <danai.sae-han@edpnet.be>
Architecture all
Version 4.7.0+cvs20061019-2
Depends latex-cjk-common (>= 4.7.0+cvs20061019-2)
Suggests latex-cjk-all (= 4.7.0+cvs20061019-2)
File name pool/main/c/cjk/cjk-latex_4.7.0+cvs20061019-2_all.deb
Description This is a dummy package that allows you to smoothly upgrade from the old cjk-latex to the current latex-cjk-common packages. After the installation of the latex-cjk-common packages, you can safely delete this package.

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