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textopo [Biology] LaTeX presentation of topology of transmembrane proteins
Installed size 632
Maintainer Steffen Moeller <moeller@pzr.uni-rostock.de>
Architecture all
Version 1.3-2.2
Depends tetex-bin
Suggests boxshade, clustalw, seaview, clustalx, muscle, texshade
File name pool/main/t/textopo/textopo_1.3-2.2_all.deb
Description TeXtopo is a LaTeX2e macro package that provides two new environments: . * the 'textopo' environment is used for plotting topology data of membrane proteins derived from PHD predictions, from SwissProt database files or from manually entered data containing sequence and transmembrane domain information, and . * the 'helical wheel' environment draws transmembrane domains as seen from above or beneath the cell membrane. . Both kinds of plots can be richly decorated with special shading for domains of interest, plus labels and legends. TeXtopo is fully compatible with TeXshade (v1.3 and up) -- the comprehensive alignment shading package for the TeX community. This allows one to apply calculated shading based on sequence conservation and functional aspects of the residue sidechains. . Homepage: http://homepages.uni-tuebingen.de/beitz/tte.html

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