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polyxmass Mass spectrometry software framework
Installed size 8
Maintainer Filippo Rusconi <polyxmass-maintainer@polyxmass.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.9.2
Depends polyxmass-bin (>= 0.9.3), polyxmass-common (>= 0.8.7), polyxmass-data (>= 0.8.6)
Suggests polyxmass-doc
File name pool/main/p/polyxmass/polyxmass_0.9.2_all.deb
Description GNU polyxmas is an official package of the GNU project. It is a fully integrated software suite to perform a wide variety of mass spectrometric and (bio-)polymer chemistry simulations. This software program is also useful to help analysing mass spectrometric data, such as data obtained on polymer sequences fragmented in the gas phase... This software program gives the user the ability to make brand new polymer chemistry definitions, use them in a molecular mass calculator, and edit polymer sequence files. Each action performed by the user automatically triggers recalculation of all the masses according to the mass calculation engine's configurations that were previously set by the user. . Chemical simulations encompass polymer sequence cleavage (either chemical or enzymatic), gas-phase fragmentations, chemical modification of any monomer in the polymer sequence... . This package is a dependency package. This package depends on the following three packages: polyxmass-bin (the GUI program), polyxmass-common (the fundamental chemical data required to run GNU polyxmass usefully) and polyxmass-data (supplementary chemical data). . Homepage: http://www.polyxmass.org

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