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paw-static Dummy package for smooth upgrades of PAW
Installed size 40
Maintainer Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 1
Depends paw (>= 2005.05.09.dfsg-3)
Suggests paw-demos, gv
File name pool/main/p/paw/paw-static_2.14.04-7_i386.deb
Description Cernlib is a suite of data analysis tools and libraries created for use in physics experiments, but also with applications to other fields such as the biological sciences. PAW is an interactive program for use in analysis and graphical presentation. . The paw package has been changed to include a dynamically linked version of PAW on 32-bit architectures and a statically linked version on 64-bit architectures. This package, paw-static, is therefore now an empty dummy package that depends upon paw in order to ensure smooth upgrades. On 64-bit arches it provides a backwards-compatibility symlink /usr/bin/pawX11.static -> pawX11. Unless you need the symlink, this package may be removed with no ill effects.

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