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Section science

achilles An artificial life and evolution simulator
adun.app Molecular Simulator for GNUstep
amap-align Protein multiple alignment by sequence annealing
apbs Adaptive Poisson Boltzmann Solver
astronomical-almanac astronomical almanac - calculate planet and star positions
avce00 Tools for conversion of ESRI Arcinfo (binary) Vector Coverage in E00 format.
avida-base Auto-adaptive genetic system for Artificial Life research
avida-qt-viewer qt viewer for avida
avida-viewer ncurses viewer for avida
biococoa.app Sequence file format conversion for GNUstep
biomode [Biology] An Emacs mode to edit genetic data
bioperl Perl tools for computational molecular biology
biosquid utilities for biological sequence analysis
blast2 Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
boinc-app-seti SETI@home application for the BOINC client
boxshade [Biology] Pretty-printing of multiple sequence alignments
cassbeam A program for Cassegrain antenna modelling
cernlib almost complete set of Debian Cernlib packages
cernlib-core Cernlib main libraries and programs
cernlib-core-dev Cernlib development headers, tools, and static libraries
cernlib-extras miscellaneous Cernlib programs unlikely to be used by many
cernlib-montecarlo Cernlib Monte Carlo libraries
chemtool Chemical structures drawing program
ctsim Computed tomography simulator
ctsim-help Online help file for CTSim
ctsim-pentium4 Computed tomography simulator (Pentium 4 optimized)
dcmtk The OFFIS DICOM toolkit command line utilities
dialign Segment-based multiple sequence alignment
drawmap draws customized maps, using raw USGS data files
dx OpenDX (IBM Visualization Data Explorer) - main package
dxsamples Sample programs for the OpenDX Data Explorer
e00compr a program to read/write Arc/Info compressed E00 files
easychem Draw high-quality molecules and 2D chemical formulas
engauge-digitizer interactively extracts numbers from bitmap graphs or maps
ent pseudorandom number sequence test program
fastdnaml [Biology] Tool for construction of phylogenetic trees of DNA sequences
fastlink [Biology] A faster version of pedigree programs of Linkage
fastlink-doc [Biology] Some papers about fastlink
fityk general-purpose nonlinear curve fitting and data analysis
fv a tool for viewing and editing FITS format files
g3data extract data from scanned graphs
garlic A visualization program for biomolecules
gausssum Parses and displays Gaussian, GAMESS, and HyperChem output
gchempaint 2D chemical structures editor for the GNOME2 desktop
gcu-bin GNOME chemistry utils (applications)
gcx astronomical image processing and photometry gtk+ application
gdal-bin Geospatial Data Abstraction Library - Utility programs
gdis molecular display
gdpc visualiser of molecular dynamic simulations
gdpc-examples example files for the gdpc program
geant321 [Physics] Particle detector description and simulation tool
geant321-data [Physics] Data for Geant 3.21 detector simulator
genesis general-purpose neural simulator
gff2aplot pair-wise alignment-plots for genomic sequences in PostScript
gff2ps produces PostScript graphical output from GFF-files
gmt Generic Mapping Tools
gmt-tutorial-pdf Tutorial for GMT, the Generic Mapping Tools (PDF)
gperiodic periodic table application
gpiv Graphic User Interface program for Particle Image Velocimetry
gpivtools Command line programs for Particle Image Velocimetry
gpx2shp convert GPS or GPX file to ESRI Shape file
grass Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
grass-doc Geographic Resources Analysis Support System documentation
gri a language for scientific illustration
gri-el Emacs major-mode for gri, a language for scientific graphics
gromacs Molecular dynamics simulator, with building and analysis tools
gromacs-lam Molecular dynamics sim, binaries for LAM-MPI parallelization
gromacs-mpich Molecular dynamics sim, binaries for MPICH parallelization
h5utils HDF5 files visualization tools
harminv extraction of complex frequencies and amplitudes from time series
hdf5-tools Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - Runtime tools
hmmer profile hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysis
hmmer-pvm HMMER programs with PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) support
hodie prints the date in latin
ifrit a powerful tool for visualizing 3-dimensional data sets
imview Image viewing and analysis application
indi Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface for astronomical devices
kalign Global and progressive multiple sequence alignment
kalzium chemistry teaching tool for KDE
kalzium-data data files for Kalzium
kstars desktop planetarium for KDE
kstars-data data files for KStars desktop planetarium
kxterm Cernlib's KUIP terminal emulator
leksbot An explanatory dictionary of botanic and biological terms
libbio-ruby bioruby tools for computational molecular biology
libbio-ruby1.8 bioruby tools for computational molecular biology
libghemical-data Molecular Modelling Library (Data Files)
libpostgis-java geographic objects support for PostgreSQL -- JDBC support
libqgis0 QGIS Geographic Information System - shared library
libqgis0-dev QGIS Geographic Information System - development files
loki [Biology] MCMC linkage analysis on general pedigrees
loki-doc [Biology] Postscript manual for loki
mayavi A scientific data visualization system
minc-tools MNI medical image format tools
mipe [Biology] Tools to store PCR-derived data
mn-fit interactive analysis package for fitting data and histograms
mn-fit-common common files for Mn_Fit
montecarlo-base [Physics] Common files for Cernlib Monte Carlo libraries
mozilla-biofox extension of bioinformatics tools to Mozilla and Iceweasel browsers
mpb MIT Photonic-Bands
mpb-mpi MIT Photonic-Bands, parallel (mpich) version
mpqc The Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program
mpqc-support Support programs and tools for MPQC
muscle [Biology] multiple alignment program of protein sequences
muscle-doc [Biology] documentation to sequence alignment program
ncbi-epcr [Biology] Tool to test a DNA sequence for the presence of sequence tagged sites
ncbi-epcr-data [Biology] NCBI public STS data
ncbi-tools-bin NCBI libraries for biology applications (text-based utilities)
ncbi-tools-x11 NCBI libraries for biology applications (X-based utilities)
necpp NEC2 Evolution Antenna Modelling System
netcdf-bin Programs for reading and writing NetCDF files
njplot [Biology] A tree drawing program
openbabel Convert and manipulate chemical data files
openuniverse 3D Universe Simulator
openuniverse-common 3D Universe Simulator data files
paje.app generic visualization tool (Gantt chart and more)
paw Physics Analysis Workstation - a graphical analysis program
paw++ Physics Analysis Workstation (Lesstif-enhanced version)
paw++-static Dummy package for smooth upgrades of Paw++
paw-common Physics Analysis Workstation (common files)
paw-demos Physics Analysis Workstation examples and tests
paw-static Dummy package for smooth upgrades of PAW
perlprimer [Biology] graphical design of primers for PCR
planets Gravitation simulation of planetary bodies
poa Partial Order Alignment for multiple sequence alignment
polyxmass Mass spectrometry software framework
polyxmass-bin Mass spectrometry framework - GUI program
polyxmass-bin-common Mass spectrometry framework - GUI program arch-indep data
polyxmass-common Mass spectrometry framework - essential polymer chemistry data
polyxmass-data Mass spectrometry framework - supplementary chemical data
praat program for speech analysis and synthesis
primer3 [Biology] Tool to design flanking oligo nucleotides for DNA amplification
probcons PROBabilistic CONSistency-based multiple sequence alignment
probcons-extra Extra programs from the probcons package
proj Cartographic projection filter and library
psi3 Quantum Chemical Program Suite
pymol An OpenGL Molecular Graphics System written in Python
python-pyepl library for coding psychology experiments in Python
python-pyepl-common library for coding psychology experiments in Python
python-pyode open-source Python bindings for The Open Dynamics Engine
qgis Geographic Information System (GIS)
qgis-plugin-grass Plugin for accessing GRASS data from QGIS
qmc Quine McClusky Simplification Tool
qtdmm GUI for digital multimeter
rasmol Visualize biological macromolecules
rasmol-doc Documentation for rasmol
readseq [Biology] Conversion between sequence formats
saods9 image display tool for astronomy
seaview [Biology] Multiple sequence alignment editor
seesat5 a satellite location program
sextractor source extractor for astronomical images
sigma-align Simple greedy multiple alignment of non-coding DNA sequences
sim4 tool for aligning cDNA and genomic DNA
spass An automated theorem prover for first-order logic with equality
ssystem 3D solar system simulator
stardata-common Common framework to manage astronomy packages
starplot 3-dimensional perspective star map viewer
stellarium real-time photo-realistic sky generator
stellarium-data datafiles for Stellarium, a real-time photo-realistic sky generator
survex cave surveying and mapping software
survex-aven sophisticated cave survey viewer for Survex
survex-svxedit survey data editor for Survex
t-coffee [Biology] Multiple Sequence Alignment
tessa simulation of 3D optical systems with the FDTD method
tessa-mpi simulation of 3D optical systems using FDTD on LAM-MPI clusters
textopo [Biology] LaTeX presentation of topology of transmembrane proteins
therion Cave surveying - 2D and 3D drawing software
tigr-glimmer [Biology] Gene detection in archea and bacteria
tochnog A free implicit/explicit finite element analysis program
transcalc microwave and RF transmission line calculator
tree-ppuzzle [Biology] Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood
tree-puzzle [Biology] Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood
tree-puzzle-doc [Biology] Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood
treeviewx Displays and prints phylogenetic trees
units-filter Parser for expressions concerning physical values
viewmol A graphical front end for computational chemistry programs.
wise comparison of biopolymers, commonly DNA and protein sequences
wise-doc documentation for the wise package
xbs 3-d models and movies of molecules

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