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libdbix-dbschema-perl Database-independent schema objects
Installed size 216
Maintainer Ivan Kohler <ivan-debian@420.am>
Architecture all
Version 0.31-1
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16), libdbi-perl, libfreezethaw-perl
Suggests libdbd-pg-perl|libdbd-mysql-perl
File name pool/main/libd/libdbix-dbschema-perl/libdbix-dbschema-perl_0.31-1_all.deb
Description DBIx::DBSchema objects are collections of DBIx::DBSchema::Table objects and represent a database schema. . This module implements an OO-interface to database schemas. Using this module, you can create a database schema with an OO Perl interface. You can read the schema from an existing database. You can save the schema to disk and restore it from a different process. Most importantly, DBIx::DBSchema can write SQL CREATE statements for different databases from a single source. . Currently supported databases are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Sybase. DBIx::DBSchema will attempt to use generic SQL syntax for other databases. Assistance adding support for other databases is welcomed. See the DBIx::DBSchema::DBD manpage, "Driver Writer's Guide and Base Class".

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