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burn Command line Data-CD, Audio-CD, ISO-CD, Copy-CD writing tool
Installed size 172
Maintainer Gaetano Paolone (bigpaul) <bigpaul@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 0.4.3-2.1
Depends python (>= 2.3), cdrecord (>= 4
Suggests bugzilla
File name pool/main/b/burn/burn_0.4.3-2.1_i386.deb
Description Quick command-line tool to create Audio-CDs from .mp3, .ogg and .wav files, to backup data, to create CDs from ISOs, to copy CDs on-the-fly. . Burn is a program/script written in Python that aims to quickly and simply make audio CDs and backup of your data. It performs any of its feature invoking it only once and with one and only one command line. No previous ISO creation command is needed. . Other than creating audio CDs from .ogg, .mp3, .wav (even together), copy CDs, create Data-CD (storage, backups, etc.) and create a CD from an existing ISO image, "burn" does a lot of other things. Among them: compute if there is necessary free space for temporary files (images and audio files), warn if size is bigger than CD capacity, manage multisession CDs. . Basically burn features: · Data-CD (files and dirs storage) · Audio-CD (from mp3, ogg vorbis, wav) · ISO-CD (burns an ISO) · Copy-CD (copy CDs)

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