Linux temps réel embarqué et outils de développements Technique

Section news

aub Assembles binary files from USENET
brag Downloads and assembles multipart Usenet binaries
cnews simple news server for Usenet news
gnus A versatile news and mail reader for Emacsen
gnus-bonus-el Miscellaneous add-ons for Gnus
gup let a remote site change their newsgroups subscription
ifile-gnus-el a news and mail classifier for the Gnus newsreader
inn News transport system `InterNetNews' by the ISC and Rich Salz
inn2 'InterNetNews' news server
inn2-inews NNTP client news injector, from InterNetNews (INN)
innfeed This is the INN feeder program `innfeed.'
knews Graphical threaded news reader
knode KDE news reader
leafnode NNTP server for small leaf sites
newspost Usenet binary autoposter
newsx An NNTP client for posting and fetching news
nget auto-resuming command line NNTP file grabber
nglister Downloads information from NNTP server
ninpaths Paths Survey reporting program
nn Heavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client)
nntp An NNTP server for use with C News
noffle offline news server
pan A Newsreader based on GTK2, which looks like Forte Agent
papercut simple and extensible NNTP server
post-faq post periodic FAQs to Usenet newsgroups
pyg Python Mail <-> News Gateway
slrn threaded news reader (fast for slow links)
slrnface shows X-Faces from a newsposting on an X11 terminal emulator
slrnpull pulls a small newsfeed from an NNTP server
sn Small NNTP server for leaf sites
statnews Extracts some useful statistics out of a newsgroup
suck small newsfeed from an NNTP server with standard NNTP commands
tin A full-screen easy to use Usenet newsreader
uucpsend Alternative Frontend for UUCP Batching with INN
newsx An NNTP client for posting and fetching news

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