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tkcon Enhanced interactive console for developing in Tcl
Installed size 396
Maintainer Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 20030408-2
Depends wish
Suggests smbclient, smbfs (>= 2.0.5a), netatalk
File name pool/main/t/tkcon/tkcon_20030408-2_all.deb
Description TkCon is a tcl shell and console, making it ideal for experimenting with Tcl and Tk programs interactively. FEATURES: Command history Path (Unix style) / Proc / Variable name expansion Multiple consoles, each with its own state (via multiple interpreters) Captures stdout and stderr to console window (puts overridden) Hot errors (click on error result to see stack trace) Electric character matching (a la emacs) Electric proc highlighting Enhanced history searching Configurable Cut / Copy / Paste between windows (interoperates with native platform) Communication between consoles and other Tk interpreters (including non-tcl ones) Works on all Tk platforms

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