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tcllib the Standard Tcl Library
Installed size 9828
Maintainer Chris Waters <xtifr@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.8-1
Depends tcl8.4 | tclsh
Suggests libcurl3-gnutls-dev
File name pool/main/t/tcllib/tcllib_1.8-1_all.deb
Description Tcllib, the standard Tcl library, is a collection of common utility functions and modules all written in high-level Tcl. . MODULES INCLUDED: * aes: advanced encryption standard * asn: an ASN.1 encoder and decoder * base64: a base64 encoder and decoder * bee: bittorrent serialization encoder and decoder * bibtex: parser for bibliographies in BibTeX format * blowfish: blowfish encryption * calendar: routines for manipulating dates * cmdline: a command line argument processor similar to opt * comm: remote communications facility * control: procedures for control flow structures * counter: provides a counter facility and can compute statistics and histograms over the collected data. * crc: checksum-calculation routines (crc32, cksum, sum) * csv: functions to handle CSV (comma-separated values) data * des: DES and 3DES encryption * dns: dns- and resolver library-related functions * docstrip: tools for literate programming, often used with (La)TeX * doctools: manpage-generation tools * exif: extracts/parses EXIF fields from digital images * fileutil: Tcl implementations of some standard Unix utilities * ftp: Tcl interface to the FTP protocol * ftpd: implementation of functions needed for an FTP server * html: generate and control HTML tags * htmlparse: parse HTML strings * ident: client interface to the ident protocol * irc: low-level IRC protocol interface * javascript: Tcl shortcuts to create common javascript functions * jpeg: functions to query and modify JPEG images * log: functions to log messages with various facilities and levels * math: common math functions like min, max, and others * md5: md5 hashing functions * md5crypt: md5 based password hashing * mime: a MIME encoder and decoder * multiplexer: message multiplexing * ncgi: a new CGI processing module * nntp: Tcl functions for the NNTP protocol * ntp: functions for an NTP client * png: functions to query and modify PNG images * pop3: a POP3 protocol implementation * pop3d: a POP3 server implementation * profiler: a function level Tcl source code profiler * rc4: implementation of the RC4 stream cipher * report: provides objects which can be used to generate and format reports * sasl: Simple Authentication and Security Layerimplementation * sha1: sha1 hashing functions * smtpd: implementation of functions needed for an SMTP server * snit: pure-TCL OO system * stats: functions for counters, histograms, and statistics * stooop: simple Tcl-only object oriented programming scheme - provides C++/Java-like OOP interfaces * struct: Tcl implementations of common data structures (tree, graph, etc) * tar: functions to manipulate tar files * textutil: string manipulation library * tie: framework for creating persistent Tcl arrays * uri: functions to generate and manipulate commonly-used URIs . Homepage: http://tcl.activestate.com/software/tcllib/

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