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ri1.9 Ruby Interactive reference (for Ruby 1.9)
Installed size 14604
Maintainer akira yamada <akira@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.9.0+20060609-1etch3
Depends ruby1.9, rdoc1.9 (= 1.9.0+20060609-1etch3)
Suggests gnupg-agent
File name pool/updates/main/r/ruby1.9/ri1.9_1.9.0+20060609-1etch3_all.deb
Description ri is a command line tool that displays descriptions of built-in Ruby methods, classes, and modules. For methods, it shows you the calling sequence and a description. For classes and modules, it shows a synopsis along with a list of the methods the class or module implements. . This package provides ri command and descriptions about Ruby 1.9.

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