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amrita HTML/XML template library for Ruby (dummy package)
Installed size 20
Maintainer TANIGUCHI Takaki <takaki@assist.media.nagoya-u.ac.jp>
Architecture all
Version 1.0.2-4
Depends libamrita-ruby1.8
Suggests khelpcenter
File name pool/main/a/amrita/amrita_1.0.2-4_all.deb
Description Amrita is an html/xhtml template library for Ruby. It makes html documents from a template and model data. . * The template for amrita is a pure html/xhtml document without special tags like or <% .. %> * The template can be written by designers using almost any html editor. * There's no need to change Ruby code to modify the view of the _dynamic_ part of the template (or the static portion). * The model data may be any standard Ruby data-- a Hash, Array, String... or an instance of any user-defined class. * The output is controlled by _data_, not by logic-- so it's easy to write, test, and debug code. (Good for eXtremeProgramming) * The html template can be compiled into Ruby code before execution with little effort. . Amrita uses a template and model data to create an html document by naturally matching the +id+ attribute of an html element to model data. . This package is dummy package.

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