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Section electronics

atlc Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator
atlc-examples Examples for Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator
ava Algebraical Virtual Assembler for Atmel's AVR MCUs
avarice use GDB with Atmel's JTAG ICE for the AVR
avra Assembler for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
avrdude software for programming Atmel AVR microcontrollers
avrp Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
avrprog Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
bottlerocket Utility to control X10 Firecracker devices for home automation
confluence language for synchronous reactive hardware system design
digitemp Program to read from temperature sensors in a 1-Wire net
drawtiming tool for documenting hardware designs through timing diagrams
eep24c read and write serial I2C eeprom devices
electric electrical CAD system
flexloader utility to configure SRAM based ALTERA devices
geda GNU EDA -- Electronics design software
geda-examples GNU EDA -- Electronics design software -- example designs
geda-gattrib GNU EDA -- Electronics design software -- attribute editor
geda-gnetlist GNU EDA -- Electronics design software -- netlister
geda-gschem GNU EDA -- Electronics design software -- schematic editor
geda-gsymcheck GNU EDA -- Electronics design software -- symbol checker
geda-symbols Symbols for GNU EDA -- Electronics design software
geda-utils GNU EDA -- Electronics design software -- utilities
gerbv Gerber file viewer for PCB design
gnucap GNU Circuit Analysis package
gnusim8085 Graphical Intel 8085 simulator, assembler and debugger
gpsim Simulator for Microchip's PIC microcontrollers
gpsim-lcd LCD module for gpsim
gpsim-lcd-graphic LCD module for gpsim
gpsim-led LED module for gpsim
gpsim-logic logic module for gpsim
gputils GNU PIC utilities
gtkwave a VCD (Value Change Dump) file waveform viewer
gwave a waveform viewer eg for spice simulators
kicad Electronic schematic and PCB design software
kicad-common Common files used by kicad
kicad-doc-de Kicad help files (German)
kicad-doc-en Kicad help files (English)
kicad-doc-es Kicad help files (Spanish)
kicad-doc-fr Kicad help files (French)
kicad-doc-it Kicad help files (Italian)
kicad-doc-pt Kicad help files (Portuguese)
kicad-doc-ru Kicad help files (Russian)
klogic digital circuit editor and simulator for KDE
ksimus KDE tool for simulating electrical circuits
ksimus-boolean KSimus boolean package
ksimus-datarecorder KSimus datarecorder package
ksimus-floatingpoint KSimus floating point package
libgeda20 GNU EDA -- Electronics design software -- library files
linsmith a tool to generate Smith Charts
m16c-flash Flash programmer for Renesas M16C and R8C microcontrollers
nitpic Simulator for the Microchip PIC16C84 microcontroller
odyssey PIC microcontroller programming application
pcb printed circuit board (pcb) design program
qucs Quite Universal Circuit Simulator
rfdump tool to decode RFID tag data
sdcc Small Device C Compiler
sdcc-libraries Small Device C Compiler (libraries)
sdcc-ucsim Micro-controller simulator for SDCC
simulavr Atmel AVR simulator
simulpic simulator for Microchip PIC16F84 microcontroller
tkgate Event driven digital circuit simulator with Tcl/Tk
uisp Micro In-System Programmer for Atmel's AVR MCUs
vbpp Verilog preprocessor
vbs Verilog Behavioral Simulation
verilog Icarus verilog compiler
vipec Network analyzer for electrical networks
x10 Operate X-10 electrical power control modules
x10-automate GUI interface for x10 power line control utility

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