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libmimetic-doc C++ MIME library (documentation)
Installed size 2072
Maintainer gregor herrmann <gregor+debian@comodo.priv.at>
Architecture all
Version 0.9.1-2
Depends libmimetic0 (= 0.9.1-2)
Suggests libmimetic-doc
File name pool/main/m/mimetic/libmimetic-doc_0.9.1-2_all.deb
Description mimetic is a GPL MIME library written in C++ designed to be easy to use and integrate but yet fast and efficient. . mimetic has been built around the standard lib. This means that you'll not find yet another string class or list implementation and that you'll feel comfortable in using this library from the very first time. . mimetic doesn't use exceptions but it heavily uses templates so a mostly standard compliant C++ compiler is required. . This package contains the developers' documentation. . Homepage: http://codesink.org/mimetic_mime_library.html

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