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grub-doc Documentation for GRand Unified Bootloader
Installed size 944
Maintainer Grub Maintainers <pkg-grub-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.97-27etch1
Depends libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6), libncurses5 (>= 5.4-5)
Suggests doc-base
File name pool/main/g/grub/grub-doc_0.97-27etch1_all.deb
Description GRUB is a GPLed bootloader intended to unify bootloading across x86 operating systems. In addition to loading the Linux kernel, it implements the Multiboot standard, which allows for flexible loading of multiple boot images (needed for modular kernels such as the GNU Hurd).

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