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systemimager-server-flamethrowerd SystemImager boot binaries for ia64 client nodes
Installed size 84
Maintainer dann frazier <dannf@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 3.6.3dfsg1-3
Depends systemimager-server (>= 3.6.3), flamethrower
Suggests systemimager-server
File name pool/main/s/systemimager/systemimager-server-flamethrowerd_3.6.3dfsg1-3_all.deb
Description SystemImager is a set of utilities for installing GNU/Linux software images to client machines over the network. Images are stored in flat files on the server, making updates easy. The rsync protocol is used for transfers, making updates efficient. . This package adds support for doing multicast installations. Multicast scales very well, allowing for the installation of hundreds of clients at the same time. Some tuning is required for optimal performance. . This release requires that your client has enough memory to hold a copy of the system image.

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