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cron-apt automatic update of packages using apt-get
Installed size 88
Maintainer Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.4.14
Depends apt, debianutils (>= 1.7)
Suggests anacron (>= 2.0-1), logrotate, lockfile-progs, checksecurity
File name pool/main/c/cron-apt/cron-apt_0.4.14_all.deb
Description Contains a tool that is run by a cron job at regular intervals. By default it just updates the package list and download new packages without installing. You can instruct it to run anything that you can do with apt-get (or aptitude). . It can optionally sends mail to the system administrator on errors, log to syslog or a separate log file. . Observe that this tool may be a security risk, so you should not set it to do more than necessary. Automatic upgrade of all packages is NOT recommended unless you are in full control of the package repository.

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