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backupninja lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
Installed size 384
Maintainer Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net>
Architecture all
Version 0.9.4-6
Depends gawk | mawk, dialog, bash (>= 2.05b-26)
Suggests rdiff-backup, duplicity, hwinfo, mkisofs, cdrecord, dvd+rw-tools
File name pool/main/b/backupninja/backupninja_0.9.4-6_all.deb
Description Backupninja lets you drop simple config files in /etc/backup.d to coordinate system backups. Backupninja is a master of many arts, including incremental remote filesystem backup, mysql backup, and ldap backup. By creating simple drop-in handler scripts, backupninja can learn new skills. Backupninja is a silent flower blossom death strike to lost data. . In addition to backing up regular files, Backupninja has handlers to ease backing up: ldap, maildir, mysql, svn, trac, and the output from shell scripts . Backupninja currently supports common backup utilities, easing their configuration, currently supported are: rdiff-backup, duplicity, CD/DVD

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