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adduser-plugin-eximconf Specific Exim mail server configuration plugin
Installed size 72
Maintainer Robert Olejnik <robert@zaron.debian.pl>
Architecture all
Version 0.1.2-1.3
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16), adduser-ng
Suggests liblocale-gettext-perl, perl-modules
File name pool/main/a/adduser-ng/adduser-plugin-eximconf_0.1.2-1.3_all.deb
Description This package holds a plugin for adduser-ng program, that is written for a specific configuration of Exim MTA called EximConf. If you use Exim with this configuration and adduser-ng program, please consider installing this plugin. Main goals of this plugin are: . * automatically add email aliases when adding a new user * automatically remap outgoing mail for new user to a desired domain name . Homepage: http://adduser.linux.pl

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